World’s Largest Study Concludes mRNA Jabs Cause Brain, Blood and Heart Issues

The world’s largest study into Covid-19 vaccines has confirmed what independent media outlets have reported for years: the mRNA jabs are indeed causing neurological, blood and heart issues in otherwise healthy humans.

According to a Global Vaccine Data Network research study, the “largest global vaccine safety study to date,” mRNA jabs manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna were both found to have higher risks of “heart-related inflammation,” and viral-vector vaccines such as the AstraZeneca jab were linked to “an increase of a type of blood clot in the brain.” reports: “The viral-vector jabs were also tied to an increased risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a neurological disorder in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the peripheral nervous system,” Bloomberg reported Monday.

Researchers reviewed data highlighting 13 “adverse events of special interest” in over 99 million vaccinated people throughout eight countries, singling out supposedly rare “higher-than-expected” safety signals.

Vaccines normally have a certain rate of expected adverse events associated with them; however, the study observed higher incidences of several conditions than those expected.

For instance, myocarditis, or the inflammation of the heart, “was consistently identified following a first, second and third dose of mRNA vaccines,” Bloomberg reports, adding, “The highest increase in the observed-to-expected ratio was seen after a second jab with the Moderna shot.”

“A first and fourth dose of the same vaccine was also tied to an increase in pericarditis, or inflammation of the thin sac covering the heart,” Bloomberg adds, according to the study.

In the case of Guillain-Barré syndrome, or brain inflammation linked to poor muscle coordination, researchers investigating the initial 42-day rollout of Oxford’s Vaxzevria (ChAdOx1) Covid jab expected about 66 cases, but found 190 adverse events.

Moreover, “ChAdOx1 was linked to a threefold increase in cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, a type of blood clot in the brain, identified in 69 events, compared with an expected 21,” Bloomberg notes, adding Denmark and other countries discontinued distribution of the vaccine after blood clot risks were identified.

The study also found varying cases of myelitis, or inflammation of the spinal cord, among both viral-vector and mRNA vaccine recipients.

Possible safety signals for transverse myelitis — spinal cord inflammation — after viral-vector vaccines were identified in the study. So was acute disseminated encephalomyelitis — inflammation and swelling in the brain and spinal cord — after both viral-vector and mRNA vaccines. 

Seven cases of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis after vaccination with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine were observed, versus an expectation of two.  

The study, which vindicates countless vaccine skeptics who called for safety data early on, does not appear to have investigated the large-scale amount of deaths potentially linked to the jab.

The alarming information unfortunately comes too late for those who blindly trusted the medical establishment and now have to live with permanent debilitating health consequences, or lost loved ones.

To date, over 13.5 billion doses of Covid vaccines have been injected into the arms of people all across the globe.

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