When power, money and influence vastly exceed expertise and morality, the world ends up with people like Bill Gates in charge

Considering his background and where he started, tech billionaire Bill Gates' transition into education, environmental policy and global health in recent years is notably anomalous, but even more strange is the sheer amount of power and influence he maintains despite having no expertise in his latest endeavors.

Those who know nothing about Gates' past might assume, based on how seriously he is taken on the world stage, that the guy is some kind of medical expert. Gates holds no such credentials, despite maintaining incredible authority over public policy and health initiatives like vaccination.

How did Gates come to hold such power? Why do so many people take his opinions seriously? And where is the world headed with Gates and others like him in the driver's seat? The answers to these questions remain a mystery, in many ways.

Bill Gates: A dystopian nightmare

One of Gates' most notable accomplishments, if you can call it that, is his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which claims to be a philanthropic organization simply trying to help people. Instead, the Gates Foundation is a vehicle for Gates to park his money and force his agenda on the world.

"The Gates Foundation's impact on global health is profound, championing vaccine development and infectious disease control," reports The Exposé. "However, the foundation's role in shaping public policy, particularly in the U.S., exemplifies the potential drawbacks of philanthropic influence."

"Critics argue that Gates' vision, driven more by personal beliefs than by consensus among health professionals, risks sidelining local expertise and needs in favour of global agendas that reflect his priorities."

Gates' technocratic solutions for world problems more closely align with his past as a Microsoft co-founder, but even these seem beyond his pay grade in terms of Gates' education level and expertise in things like geoengineering and climate change, or reconfiguring the world's food supply through genetic engineering.

"Critics point out that Gates' lack of expertise in pedagogy, child development, and environmental science could lead to oversimplified solutions that fail to address the root causes of these multifaceted problems," The Exposé adds.

One of Gates' primary agendas in whatever area or field he delves is to concentrate power away from the people and into his own hands. Gates wants to create a world with no balance of power, no accountability and no say by We the People – and nobody seems powerful or rich enough to stop him.

"The potential for unintended consequences, especially in areas as critical as global health, education and environmental preservation, calls for a cautious approach to the application of wealth and influence in shaping policy and practice," The Exposé says.

While there are certainly plenty of problems throughout the world that require attention, Gates is not the guy to do it, especially in his own rite with no accountability. Why, then, is he allowed to be the face of everything from technology to medicine to philanthropy?

The simple answer is that, with all his money, power and drive to succeed in his largely genocidal endeavors, Gates was able to claw his way to the top of the heap where he is now ushering in a global dystopia created in his own image.

"What has Gates contributed to philanthropy, and to tech for that matter?" one commenter asked. "In my opinion, he is more of a global pest, i.e., wanting to force injections on people and meddling in this and that at his own personal discretion." 

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