Watch: Mobs Of Violent African Migrants Riot, Attack Police In Holland

Mass violence broke out in the city of The Hague in The Netherlands Saturday night as hundreds of marauding African migrants attacked police, smashed property and set fires, in scenes that once again highlight the complete failure of multiculturalism.

Reports suggest that the violence flared up between two rival groups of rival groups during a ‘meeting’ of the Eritrean community in the city where the Dutch parliament is seated.

Footage appeared to show protesters breaking into the Opera Zalencentrum event venue, with police using tear gas in a desperate effort to disperse them.

The rioters then began throwing bricks and bottles at police and attacking them with sticks.

Dutch News reports that four police officers were injured in the riots, and only a handful of arrests were made.

“Our colleagues were confronted with very serious violence which erupted out of nothing,” local police chief Mariëlle van Vulpen said told broadcaster NOS. “This is unacceptable.”

Acting justice minister Dilan Yesilgöz said in a statement “Attacking emergency service workers who are simply doing their jobs is totally out of order and there will be consequences.”

City mayor Jan van Zanen described the rioting as “disgusting and unacceptable”, adding that “We had received several reports about youngsters from the ‘Brigade Nhamedu’ looking for trouble.”

The same group also started riots in Sweden, Canada and the US, last year. 

The cause of the Dutch riot is also thought to be EXACTLY the same as a month ago in London. Pro-government Eritreans were holding an event and anti-regime migrants got wind of it.

This latest round of cultural enrichment comes in the wake of the EU passing a migration pact dubbed “the suicide of Europe” which could lead to the continent being flooded with as many as 75 million new migrants.

Even pro-EU centrist leaders in Europe are now warning that mass migration is causing the collapse of civilisation there:

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