Ukraine Says It Shot Down Another Large Russian Spy Plane

Ukraine says it has shot down a large Russian spy plane over the Sea of Azov on Friday, and social media footage is widely circulating of the alleged downing, though it remains unconfirmed and the circumstances remain unclear.

Forbes is reporting of the breaking story, "Incredibly, the Russian air force has lost another one of its rare Beriev A-50U/M Mainstay radar early-warning planes." It adds "Video that circulated online on Friday reportedly depicts the A-50’s burning wreckage in Krasnodar Krai, in Russia just east of the Sea of Azov."

Russia's A-50U Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) Aircraft

However there are initial conflicting reports, with some Russian sources saying it may have been due to a mechanical malfunction or may have even been brought down by friendly fire. Whatever the circumstances, it seems a major Russian aircraft downing has occurred, based on the emerging media evidence. 

In confirmed, this would be the second such large Russian spy plane downing of the war. It was in January that an initial A-50, commonly called an AWACS Radar aircraft, was shot down in the Sea of Azov, and a Il-22 was severely damaged in the same incident.

The January downing was claimed by Ukraine in a message by its now dismissed army chief Valerey Zaluzhnyi. Moscow has charged that Western weapons systems were used, specifically the Patriot missile system.

With the A-50 at an estimated $300 million, Friday's alleged shootdown would mark another very expensive loss of a hard to replace aircraft for Moscow.

Above and below: unconfirmed social media footage purporting to show Friday's downing of a large Russian spy plane, or 'AWACS'.

Below is the provocative post where Ukraine's defense ministry has claimed responsibility for the downing on Friday.


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