TRUMP’S TOUGH TALK WORKS: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Now Vows To Meet NATO’s Agreed Minimum and Spend More Than 2% of GDP on Defense

One thing we learned from Donald Trump’s first mandate in the White House was that his tough talk works.

While his presidency was marked by peace, not war – from the Abraham Accords in the Middle East to his unprecedented visit to North Korea – when negotiating Trump could be decisively blunt.

And all the hardship he is facing on his way to his next Presidential Mandate, as well as the sense of emergency that we all feel in this ‘world gone mad’, has only made him more and more outspoken.

EU Globalist leaders and the MSM are reeling over Trump’s no-holds-barred comments on NATO and the dire need for European nations to step up and meet the defense spending they had agreed to under the military alliance treaty.

But guess what? It’s bearing fruits already!

Reuters has just reported that: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday said defense companies could count on his government ramping up military spending and that it would meet its commitment to spend 2% of GDP on NATO defense.”

Why would the US defend one that does not defend itself?

To ask this question may be anathema in the Globalist make- believe reality, but in the real world this is a pressing issue.

As a President, Trump often criticized countries that did not meet the NATO alliance’s agreed upon spending minimum of 2% of gross domestic product on defense.

Scholz’s assurances were given during a visit to the future site of Rheinmetall’s arms factory in central Germany.

Scholz called on the European defense industry to switch towards mass production of arms, as the war in Ukraine exposed how European manufacturers struggled to meet demand for ammunition.

“‘We have to move away from manufacturing towards large-scale production of defense equipment’,” Scholz said.

[…] Scholz said the military and Germany’s defense industry could now depend on Berlin’s commitment to meet the 2% NATO target.

‘That is urgently needed. Because as harsh as this reality is: we do not live in times of peace’, Scholz said.”

Rheinmetall said is to invest $323 million and create around 500 new jobs in a bid to cover the Bundeswehr’s demand for ammunition manufactured in Germany.

But it wouldn’t be a news piece on failing Chancellor Scholz if it didn’t have a bit of Ukraine shilling in it.

“Not only the United States, but all European countries must do even more to support Ukraine. The pledges made so far are not enough. Germany’s power alone is not enough.”

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