Trump Responds to Rumors About Red Marks on His Hand (VIDEO)

President Trump responded to speculation about the red marks seen on his hand earlier this month as he was headed to a Manhattan court.

Earlier this month Trump was photographed while he was on his way to a Manhattan court to attend a trial where the jury will decide how much he has to pay E. Jean Carroll for his so-called ‘defamatory’ statements about her.

The left-wing media freaked out over red marks on President Trump’s right hand.

It could have been red marker or blisters from playinggolf, but miserable leftists like James Carville immediately claimed Trump has syphilis.

“They look like syphilis,” James Carville said of the red marks on Trump’s hands.

Carville claimed he asked several doctors (who never examined Trump) what the red marks could be and the answer was “immediate: secondary syphilis.”

Trump said maybe it was AI.

“Nothing. Maybe it was AI,” Trump said to a reporter.


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