Trudeau Blames ‘Dangerous’ Conspiracy Theorists For ‘Destroying Media Credibility’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared war on so-called “conspiracy theorists” blaming them for “deliberately undermining mainstream media” and “preventing people from agreeing on a common set of facts.”

According to Trudeau, the world was a better place when there were only two TV channels “projecting a common understanding of things” to the public.

Trudeau’s deeply unpopular Liberal government have made censoring the internet a priority in recent times.

 The prime minister declared he is “committed” to appointing internet “censors” with “strong enforcement mechanisms” that will patrol the internet for so-called “destabilizing” speech, according to a letter his office sent to Canadian MPs last year.

Trudeau has already revealed his authoritarian nature, issuing a gun ban on Canadians, freezing bank accounts of protesters, and issuing a threat about crushing the Freedom Convoy with tanks.Now he is setting his sights on removing free speech rights in Canada.

According to a Blacklock’s Reporter, Trudeau is now referring to uncensored speech as “destabilizing.”

In the letter to MPs, the text reveals that the Canadian government is weighing “the creation of a new Digital Safety Commission.”

Incredibly, the agency would be set up to monitor internet content that the government deems “hurtful” through its legal department.

“The Government of Canada is committed to developing new rules for platforms that are backed up by strong enforcement mechanisms,” the text of the letter reads.

The letter continued, adding that the legislation introduction date has “not been determined,” but the “The Department of Canadian Heritage is working with other government departments to deliver on this important initiative.”

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