Steve Quayle: Blue states want total CIVIL WAR in America

According to author Steve Quayle, blue states want maximum total civil war in America – in line with a Marxist revolution they envision.

"The blue states … are Marxists, and there is no Marxist revolution that can take hold and take control until there is a massive civil war," he told the Health Ranger Mike Adams during a recent "Health Ranger Report" appearance. "It is a Marxist, communist revolution forming before our eyes – and you can't vote a revolution out."

"They want maximum total civil war in the United States. Being the blue states, they are going to facilitate it. They have already funded it, and now all they are doing is dispatching it – imagine social media mobs."

Quayle pointed out that the U.S. is seeing a "pre-positioning of civil war troops from foreign countries … given funds [and] given arms." These troops, he added, have been given "billions of dollars' worth" of weaponry for this purpose.

The renowned radio host pointed out that this isn't just an issue of people coming to America for a better life. Illegals are being assimilated and funded, while the American people suffer. Veterans die on the streets, middle class families are rendered homeless and children are being trafficked worldwide. 

Adams then asked Quayle how the governors and mayors of these blue states and cities are going to survive, now that they have unleashed the illegal migrant crisis upon their areas. His guest replied that these blue states won't wake until there is blood in the streets and enough liberals end up dead at the hands of people whom they think they are trying to rescue.

The Health Ranger remarked that the Democrats and liberals have been brainwashed with self-loathing to the point that they are incapable of functioning as adults in reality – something Quayle dubbed as "reality avoidance disorder." He told Adams: "They see the world in a make-believe set of glasses, versus seeing it as it really is."

The radio host added that every time a liberal government official comes up with a policy, there is always graft and corruption attached to it. "I think what liberals are famous for is creating social chaos," Quayle remarked. "Coming up with programs to supposedly do away with social chaos and lining their pockets, smiling all the way up."

Adams: Illegals more self-restrained in RED STATES compared to blue ones

According to Adams, illegals appear to be more self-restrained in red states compared to blue states – as shown by how they don't commit the same number of crimes they do in blue ones. This is because they know that doing crimes in red states come with serious repercussions.

Illegals knowingly target blue cities because they have defunded their police departments and declared themselves as sanctuary cities. While illegals go to blue states to steal, pillage and loot – they go to red states to live and spend their money.

Adams said the blue cities are so gullible that they invite thieves and illegals into their neighborhoods, not realizing they are being looted. He added that blue cities have a lot of wealthy people who are disarmed and don't even believe in the Second Amendment, which guarantees "the right to keep and bear arms."

Ultimately, the Natural News and founder said the migrant invasion is really bad – with cities like Denver and New York City on the verge of collapse. He also remarked that the calls for Texas to secede from the union are becoming louder. If it happens, other American states will definitely follow suit.

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