SQUATTERS GALORE: Illegal migrants are now taking over homes of American host families: “How many are coming? We knew nothing!”

A "woke" couple in Massachusetts recently signed up to house some of the illegal alien migrants who are pouring across the southern border. Their only problem is they have no idea how many are coming, where they are coming from, or how old they are.

Watch below as the couple explains how a carload of four illegals was dropped off at their home within one hour of signing up to house the border invaders:

Reports indicate that shelters throughout the Boston area – the couple above lives in Brookline, a posh suburb of Boston – are at capacity and overflowing. This means the only other option is to either ship the illegals back south across the border to return to wherever they came from, or else Boston's millions of bleeding-heart leftists are going to have to adopt a few.

"The family is lovely," said Jessica Stokes, the woman above, and wife to husband Colin, about their newly adopted illegals. "They are so appreciative. It has been wonderful."

When bleeding hearts destroy America

Prior to being shipped off to the Stokes abode, the four illegals who now live with Colin and Jessica were sleeping at Logan Airport. The Stokes say they are rich enough to support the illegals, but that they arrived too soon for Jessica to roll out the red carpet.

"I was like, 'I have to get sheets on the beds,'" she laughed in ignorance. "How many people are coming? Where are they from? What ages? We really knew nothing."

Colin agreed with his wife that the pleasure is theirs in hosting these illegals.

"The need is so clearly overwhelming," he gushed.

The four illegals in question, who did not want to appear on camera, journeyed from Chile to Texas before illegally hopping the border and making their way to Massachusetts, likely with the help of all those non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are funneling U.S. taxpayer dollars to help them get from south of the border into the United States.

"It boggles the mind that there are so many hundreds of those stories and those people who are in such a stressful, traumatic transition," Colin added, making no mention of the stressful trauma that this never-ending flood of illegals is causing to American citizens and the economy at large.

Just prior to the Stokes taking in the illegals, another nearby shelter in Roxbury reached capacity of 400 illegals in just one week. The next makeshift shelter will likely be erected at an office building in Boston's Seaport, though the facility in question is unfit for human occupation.

"Having a site with no running water, no showers, to me, would be a non-starter," commented Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn.

In Jessica's view, she and her husband are now fully immersed on the "front lines" of the migrant crisis, which she says is "incredible" in light of "how challenging it is."

"Just the disfunction is really disheartening and I know that really well-intentioned people are working as hard as they can – it's a state of emergency," she said. "But it is distressing to see the volume."

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