President Trump with Maria Bartiromo: “I Believe We’re Going to Have a Terrorist Attack – 100%” (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump joined Maria Bartiromo for an interview that played on Sunday Morning Futures this weekend.

President Trump slammed Joe Biden and called him a Manchurian candidate who is not calling the shots in the administration.

President Trump: “And I believe we’re going to have a terrorist attack. 100%. 100%. During my term, I had no terrorist attacks. You know that, right? I had all sorts of bans on people from certain countries. I had bans all over the place. We had no attack. I had nothing…

…Obviously, I’m not looking to hurt China. I want to get along with China. I think it’s great. But they’ve really taken advantage of our country and we turned it around. We put big tariffs on steel. I saved the steel companies and now Japan is buying us steel. Us steel. You know what a name that is? That’s the most important name. 50 years ago, there was no company like us steel. Now that Japan is buying it, I don’t think I’d let that deal go through, by the way.

Via Sunday Morning Futures.

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