Nancy Pelosi Scores Bumper Multi-Million Dollar Payday On Stock Held For Days

Nancy Pelosi has somehow managed to beat the market again, realizing a $1.8 million profit from a stock investment in NVIDIA that she held for a matter of days before it skyrocketed.

Pelosi’s gain was equivalent to roughly ten years of her congressional salary and has sparked renewed controversy given the inside information associated with her role and her past winning trades involving major tech and financial companies that she was involved in legislating at the time.

Critics including former President Trump have long claimed Pelosi benefits from insider knowledge in her stock trading.

However, lawmakers are not content with their ability to make a killing on the stock market thanks to insider information. They also want to stop anybody from copying them.

Lawmakers have targeted citizens that have tracked their investments in an attempt to enjoy similar success on Wall Street.

It’s one rule for me and another for thee.

(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from

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