Moscow’s Top Spy Sergey Naryshkin Says That Some Members of Ukrainian Elite Are Starting to Switch Allegiances to Russia

Heads of Intelligence Service becoming heads of state is nothing new, as CIA’s George Bush and KGB’s Vladimir Putin immediately pop to mind.

But more and more, today’s Intelligence Chiefs from the world’s superpowers – while still in command of the intelligence apparatus – have stepped out of the shadows and are doing diplomatic work or simply openly appearing in the media with a renewed force.

CIA Director, Ambassador William J. Burns, for example, develops parallel diplomatic efforts alongside State Department.

Besides the Agency, the Israeli Mossad chief is also involved in negotiations to free the remaining hostages held by Hamas.

It stands to reason that it wouldn’t be much different with Russian Foreign Intelligence Service SRV’s head Sergey Naryshkin.

Sergey Naryshkin has just come public to say that Russian intelligence has reported cases of Ukrainian elites switching over to Russian side.

Naryshkin specified that such concerns came up during US and UK discussions to appoint the West’s new ‘special emissary’ to Ukraine

Fears about members of the Kiev elite adhering to the Russian side are justified, as such cases are already taking place.

TASS reported:

“‘Washington and London fear treachery on behalf of many representatives of the Kiev elite, who may try to get ahead of the game by switching to the side of the future winners [Russia]’, the SVR press office said in a statement quoting Naryshkin as saying.

‘Such fears are justified as the first cases have already emerged’, he said.”

The SVR chief went on to say that such concerns were detected as they came up during discussions to appoint the West’s new ‘viceroy’ to Ukraine.

“‘This fact underlies the increasingly difficult situation at the frontline, complications regarding military mobilizations and delays in receiving Western military aid. Many Ukrainians have begun to grasp the inevitability of Moscow achieving the objectives of the special military operation’, Naryshkin stated.”

A “viceroy” is unlikely to yield the results the West is hoping for.

“‘Naturally, the West’s latest flagrant attempt to amplify the subjugation of our brotherly Ukrainian people cannot but cause our concern’, he said.”

[…] ‘The West’s so-called ‘viceroy,’ whoever may take this office, is unlikely to stay afloat in Kiev’s bog of hatred, intrigue, lies, adulation and betrayal for long. Hitting the bottom, he will find himself in the warm company of ambassadors of the G7 countries, who have evidently failed as the ‘collective viceroy’ on Ukraine’s soil’, Naryshkin added.”

RT reported:

“In a statement issued by the SVR’s press service on Monday, Naryshkin suggested that the US and the UK are trying to convince other G7 states to establish the post in order to ‘strengthen the mechanisms of direct external control of the territory controlled by the Kiev regime’. 

‘It is expected that [the ‘special envoy’] will have constant access to President Zelensky and know about all his plans’, the SVR’s statement read. The person will also have the ability to ‘block the steps of the Ukrainian leadership that are not coordinated with Washington and London, proposing instead the correct solutions, from the point of view of the Anglo-Saxons’, it added.”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was mentioned as candidate for the new role.

Meanwhile, reports arose last week that Kiev’s troops could soon be forced to abandon their frontline positions unless they receive more urgent aid from the West.

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