European Central Bank Admits Central Bankers Will Lose ‘Control of Humanity’ Without CBDCs

Central bankers will lose their power and grip on humanity if they are unable to introduce Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs) in the near future, according to European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde.

Saying the quiet part out loud, Lagarde said that central bankers “risk losing the role of anchor” if the global elite do not “respond to the demand for digital payments” by rolling out CBDCs.

According to Lagarde, cash must be phased out altogether in the near future so that all transactions can be monitored and controlled by the global elite. Watch:

It’s not the first time Lagarde has admitted the elite are planning to roll out CBDCs to control humanity.

In April last year she was tricked into confessing to prank callers that plans were underway for a digital euro that will include strict monitoring and control of the transactions that people can make.

Here at the People’s Voice we have been warning for years that this day is fast approaching.

Let me tell you the master plan:

1. Cash is banned and replaced with central bank digital currency.

2. It will be stored in a digital wallet you can only access with your digital ID.

3. The state monitors every transaction and has full control over what you spend your money on.

4. Personal carbon tracking on your purchases, severely limiting your freedom and only allowing you to live a 15 minute city lifestyle.

Last month, Trump promised to outlaw the use of CBDCs, as it would “give the government absolute control over your money.”

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