Bill Gates planning for “Pandemic 2,” complete with new vaccines administered from “a little patch”

The vaccine racket is losing steam, so billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates has come up with a new design for vaccines that involves "a little patch" being slapped on a person's skin.

In a recent appearance on CNBC TV18 in India, Gates was asked about the future of vaccine manufacturing through his eyes, based on the current state of technological and healthcare advancements. Here is what he said:

"We make sure, for all these vaccines, that there's enough capacity, that there's competition so the prices keep going down. And we will have new vaccines. We'll have a TB [tuberculosis] vaccine, malaria vaccine, HIV vaccine."

Gates continued by rambling about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "vaccines" that were unleashed through Operation Warp Speed, explaining that for the next pandemic, "we need to make them have longer duration, more coverage."

"And we're going to change, instead of using a needle, to use a little patch," Gates added about the newly envisioned technology.

Whether from a needle or from a patch, poison is still poison, it is important to note. Injected poison is arguably worse as it bypasses the body's natural defense mechanisms, but surely Gates has thought of that, too, and will make the patches just as, or perhaps more, toxic than their needle counterparts.

Gates wants to change "food," too

In the future, Gates also wants to strip farmers of being able to grow their own food. At the recent COP28 meeting of elitist globalists, Gates unveiled a strategy involving the use of "innovation to absolutely solve that problem."

At one point, Gates actually used the term "Pandemic 2" to describe another future COVID-like event that he and his partners are already preparing to capitalize on with their latest biotechnological developments.

By the way, did you know that the Latin translation of "Cor" and "ona," the two parts of the word "corona" for coronavirus, mean "heart attack?" This is surely not a coincidence as many of those who took the corona jabs suffered heart attacks or some other form of heart disease.

According to's M. Winger, Gates is "like a worse version of Anthony Fauci."

"I guess we'll call him America's most untrusted non-doctor," Winger added. "Either way, Gates is at it again."

"Bill Gates should be arrested for crimes against humanity ... for starters," one angry commenter wrote about these latest developments.

"Stay away from 'medicine,'" wrote another about how the Western "healthcare" model is a Big Pharma farce that propagates poisons made by the likes of Gates and his cronies.

"Just amazing," said another. "Why isn't he in prison yet?"

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