WATCH: Kirby Brushes Off News of US Troops Undergoing Evaluation For Traumatic Brain Injuries After Missile Attack: “It’s Only a Very Small Number of US Troops That Were Affected”

Biden spox John Kirby on Sunday morning callously brushed off news of US troops “undergoing evaluation” for traumatic brain injuries after Iran-backed terrorists launched a missile attack in Iraq.

A number of US troops were injured after Iran-backed terrorists launched missiles at al-Assad Airbase in Western Iraq.

“At approximately 6:30 p.m. (Baghdad time) time Jan. 20, multiple ballistic missiles and rockets were launched by Iranian-backed militants in Western Iraq targeting al-Assad Airbase. Most of the missiles were intercepted by the base’s air defense systems while others impacted on the base. Damage assessments are ongoing. A number of U.S. personnel are undergoing evaluation for traumatic brain injuries. At least one Iraqi service member was wounded.” – US Central Command said on Saturday.

Kirby downplayed the attack on US Troops on Sunday morning during an appearance on ABC News.

“It’s only a very small number of U.S. troops that were affected. They’re being seen for traumatic brain injuries, with some symptoms of concussions…” John Kirby said on ABC.


Over 15 Patriot missiles were fired from al-Assad Airbase to intercept the incoming Iranian missiles.

Joe Biden is currently hiding out at his Rehoboth Beach home with no events on his public schedule

(Article by Cristina Laila republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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