Watch: Eco Loon Tells Brits "There Is A Moral Issue" With Having Children

An environmental lobbyist told viewers of British News channel GB News Tuesday that having children presents a “moral issue” because of the amount of carbon they will produce over the course of their lifetime.

Watch: Eco Loon Tells Brits "There Is A Moral Issue" With Having Children

Donnachadh McCarthy argued that people should have fewer children, and that having only one child is “great”.

McCarthy, an advocate of alarmist groups like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion, told the news station “When my dad was born there were 1.6 billion people on the planet. When I was born there were 3 billion. Now there are 8 billion and we are heading towards eleven.”

“Women are working now and looking for a quality of life and they don’t want to spend their lives pregnant,” he continued.

“We’ve destroyed 70 per cent of nature. There’s a moral issue here,” McCarthy further proclaimed, adding “How can we pass that on to the next generation? Every child in an industrial country like ours has around 505 hundred tonnes of carbon over their lifetime.”

“That’s equivalent to 1000 years of electricity for a household. So each child has an impact and we’re saying one is great, two is plenty and three is selfish.

Parenting coach and mother of two Nicole Ratcliff took issue with the rhetoric, telling McCarthy “I’ll be honest, I feel quite angry by that kind of language. I am one of four. I’m sorry, We’ve got a lovely family and the idea of that three is selfish is shocking.”

Ratcliff argued that people who don’t have children tend to have more disposable income and freedom, so they travel more and have a deeper carbon footprint.

She continued, “I think that it is absolutely awful, for me I think if someone is choosing not to have children because of climate change that is not somebody who is driven to have them.”

“The need to have children is something that is built within us and if you are somebody that wants to have them then you can’t switch that urge off,” Ratcliff added.

“There are people out there spending every single penny that they have got to have a child and if they are made to feel guilty, I feel quite offended by the idea that bringing a much loved child into the world would be a bad thing to do,” Ratcliff further urged.

McCarthy responded that he wants to see the birth rate fall naturally, and is “not advocating compulsory family planning.”

Here is the full segment:

All of this is absolutely insane when you factor in the stark reality that fertility rates globally are collapsing and almost every country is on course to have shrinking populations by the end of the century.

In countries like South Korea and Japan, there are twice as many people are dying as there are being born. You don’t have to be a mathematic genius to do the calculations on what’s going to happen very soon.

The figures have prompted influential figures like Elon Musk to warn that humanity is literally going to disappear if something is not done to reverse the trend.

The current UK fertility rate is 1.6, significantly below the “replacement rate” of 2.1, and it continues to fall. So no, having two children is not “plenty” and having three is not “selfish”, despite what eco-lunatics like Donnachadh McCarthy are baselessly claiming.

Despite this horrifying reality, it is now commonplace in modern culture for young people to genuinely believe they need to abandon their human instincts to reproduce, all for the greater good:

As we’ve previously highlighted, Extinction Rebellion co-founder Stuart Basden admitted that the group’s agenda “isn’t about the climate” and is instead about toppling western civilization, right down to ending the notion that heterosexuality is “normal.”

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