Vice President Mike Flynn? — Mike Flynn Hints at Accepting VP Role if Asked by Trump (VIDEO)

Former National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn hinted he would not dismiss the idea of joining the Trump ticket as a Vice Presidential candidate if the opportunity arose.

This revelation came during the screening of “Out of Shadows and Into the Light” on Saturday night in Florida, where an audience member posed the question.

Out of Shadows and Into the Light is a film that “exposes corruption within Hollywood, the media, our government, human trafficking, and more, which is highly relevant to all that’s currently happening in society now and the history of it all.”

An audience member raised the question of a Trump-Flynn ticket during a Q&A session, prompting a wave of enthusiasm from the crowd. Liz Crokin, a well-known Trump supporter, shared the video of Flynn’s response.

In response, Flynn acknowledged the complexity of such a decision.

He revealed that in 2016, he was among the final four candidates considered for Trump’s Vice President, alongside Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, and Mike Pence, who was eventually selected. Flynn’s revelation that he was the only Democrat among these finalists added an unexpected twist to his response.

Flynn expressed his deep-seated convictions about the country, shaped by his upbringing and personal beliefs, suggesting that a proposition like the Vice Presidency would be challenging to decline.

“A question like that is a very, very hard question to say no to,” he said.


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