Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen Contradicts Biden on Inflation: ‘I Think Most Americans Know That Prices are not Likely to Fall’ (VIDEO)

When it comes to inflation and prices, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is singing a very different tune than her boss Joe Biden.

During a recent appearance on ABC News, when she was asked about prices going back to pre-pandemic levels, Yellen said that ‘most Americans know’ that prices are not coming back down.

That is absolutely not what Joe Biden is saying. Biden recently bragged about how much prices of various goods have come down, then bashed ‘greedy corporations’ for the prices that have not come down. Watch:

Yellen’s message is quite different. From RedState:

Biden is trying to sell us on this fiction of how much he’s doing to change what he broke, and no one believes him because he doesn’t even understand the problem. Or he does and he just wants to spin us.

But now, Treasury Janet Yellen just threw him under the bus with what she had to say about inflation. She was being interviewed by ABC when she was asked how she would convince people that prices might not go back to what they were before the pandemic. This is an astounding statement, especially in light of what Biden keeps saying now.

“Well, I think most Americans know that prices are not likely to fall,” Yellen said. “It’s not the Fed’s objective to try to push the level of prices back to where they were.”

Watch the video:

Doesn’t this even contradict Yellen’s previous comments on this topic?

It’s almost like they’re just making this stuff up as they go along. Almost.

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