Texas Gov DEFIES Biden's TREASON

Brighteon Broadcast News, Jan 25, 2024 - Texas Gov DEFIES Biden's TREASON as pro-America states form battle lines to defend against MIGRANT INVASION

- US-Mexico border security and government overreach. (0:00)

- State's right to self-defense and border security. (5:57)

- Texas-US border conflict and potential civil war. (16:11)

- Immigration and potential genocide in the US. (26:49)

- Defending Texas from federal invasion. (31:45)

- Trump, politics, and the upcoming election. (37:24)

- Immigration and border security. (48:15)

- Political candidates and election strategies. (53:25)

- US-Mexico border security and Supreme Court actions. (1:08:22)

- Potential number of foreign fighters in US. (1:22:11)

- Israeli military incompetence and potential genocide in Gaza. (1:35:13)

- Vaccine depopulation and war with Russia. (1:45:39)

- Global politics, immigration, and depopulation. (1:49:26)

- Election integrity and immigration enforcement. (1:57:15)

- Political issues and conspiracy theories. (2:04:23)

(Article by Health Ranger Report republished from NaturalNews.com )


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