Study Predicts Thousands of U.S. Cities Will be ‘Ghost Towns’ by the Year 2100

A new study is predicting that thousands of American cities will become ‘ghost towns’ by the year 2100, due to a mix of various social and economic factors.

We already see massive decay in some American cities, Detroit and various locations in Appalachia come to mind immediately.

Progressive policies on not enforcing the law are causing businesses to flee cities that were doing fine just a few years ago, so is this theory really so difficult to believe?

FOX News reports:

Thousands of US cities are predicted to become ghost towns by 2100: New study

A new study using existing trends from over the past 20 years predicted population decline in thousands of American cities over the next 80 years.

Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago used population projections to find that, by the year 2100, almost half of nearly 30,000 cities in the U.S. will experience a population decline.

The population decline would represent 12%–23% of the population of these cities, the study states. The aftermath of such a decline will bring “unprecedented challenges,” the study explains further.

These cities could face a loss in basic services like transit, clean water, electricity and internet access. Furthermore, an issue depopulation poses is a “dwindling tax base” that would certainly impact basic city services.

“Simultaneously, increasing population trends in resource-intensive suburban and periurban cities will probably take away access to much needed resources in depopulating areas, further exacerbating their challenges,” the report states.

It’s already happening in some places.

People have been fleeing some American cities in droves for a few years now. Progressive policies are fueling the flight and it will get worse.


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