On the Blessed Day of Epiphany, Pope Francis Continued Trying to Gaslight the Faithful Into Buying His Controversial Approach to Doctrine and Dogma

At the last major celebration of the Christmas season, Epiphany, Globalist Pope Francis once again tried to reframe the latest, deep self-inflicted crisis of his papacy.

While Francis is the most political Pope of our times, he is always calling out conservative prelates, urging them NOT to take on political stances – which is quite hypocritical of him.

All the time, we see him bashing the people who are protecting the millenary Catholic dogma and doctrine that he is hell-bent on destroying.

So on Epiphany, on Saint Pete’s Basilica in the Vatican, he cautioned the faithful against fracturing into groups ‘based on our own ideas’ – even though his fierce critics are defending two-thousand year old ideas from the Church fathers, not their own.

Ideological Francis issued the call to abandon ‘ecclesiastical ideologies’, warning against ‘basking in some elegant religious theory’ instead of finding God in the faces of the poor.

Notice how Francis equates supporting his clearly heretical directives as ‘ finding God in the faces of the poor.’

This is all happening because all over the world, Catholics reject his Fiducia Supplicans, in which he ‘gave permission’ for priests to bless couples outside of marriage, including same-sex relationships.

Associated Press reported:

“Some bishops who view Francis as a dangerous progressive immediately rejected such blessings. That prompted the Vatican earlier this week to issue a statement stressing that the blessings don’t constitute heresy and there were no doctrinal grounds to reject the practice.”

In his trajectory of folly, Francis unsurprisingly has the full endorsement of MSM Globalist outlets, so expected that AP would focus on conservative bishops’ view of Francis rather than their undisputable objections to the very flawed Fiucia…, doomed to the garbage of history.

“Francis in his Epiphany homily didn’t cite the pushback against his same-sex blessings policy. But he deviated from the written text of the homily to cite the ‘need to abandon ecclesiastical ideologies’.

Francis said the Church needed to ensure that ‘our faith will not be reduced to an assemblage of religious devotions or mere outward appearance’.

‘We find the God who comes down to visit us, not by basking in some elegant religious theory, but by setting out on a journey, seeking the signs of his presence in everyday life’, especially in the faces of the poor, the pontiff said.”

That’s the straw man argument: ‘if you don’t like my gay blessings, you are against the poor’.

Francis further rambled, saying that believers must imitate the three wise men in putting God at the center of their lives.

Crux Now reported:

“’We need to abandon ecclesial ideologies to find the meaning of holy mother church, the ecclesial attitude. Ecclesial ideologies no, ecclesial vocation yes’, he said, saying, ‘The Lord, not our own ideas or our own projects’, must be the focus.

‘Let us set out anew from God; let us seek from him the courage not to lose heart in the face of difficulties, the strength to surmount all obstacles, the joy to live in harmonious communion’, he said.”

Francis said that the 3 Magi are described as having their ‘eyes are raised to the heavens’.

“The Magi ‘do not pass their lives staring at their feet, self-absorbed, confined by earthly horizons, plodding ahead in resignation or lamentation’, but rather, they ‘lift their heads high and await the light that can illumine the meaning of their lives’, he said.

‘If we remain closed in the narrow confines of earthly things, if we waste away, heads bowed, hostages of our failures and our regrets; if we thirst for wealth and worldly comforts rather than becoming seekers of life and love, our life slowly loses its light’, he said.”

(Article by Paul Serran republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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