"Not In The Database... I Don't Know Why" - Tucker Carlson Exposes Epstein Brother's Battle For 'Basic' Records

With the imminent release of roughly 10,000 pages of documents (originally scheduled for Jan. 1, 2024) - expected to be a list of 156 John Does who were sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's friends, recruiters, and victims - former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has raised questions about the official account of the 2019 death of Epstein in federal custody.

Jeffrey Epstein died in federal prison while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, with the official cause of death determined as suicide by a New York City medical examiner.

In an apparent preview of a forthcoming interview with Jeffrey Epstein's brother Mark, Carlson shared a video on social media revealing the struggles to obtain basic documents related to the incident.

Mr. Carlson expressed skepticism about the official cause of death being ruled suicide, writing:

The U.S. government claims Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in a federal detention facility in Manhattan four and a half years ago, just before his trial.

If that’s true, why are there so few records available from that night?

Here’s Mark Epstein trying to get a copy of one of the most basic documents of all, the pre-hospital care report, written by the EMS team that moved his brother’s body out of the cell.

Caden Pearson reports that in the video, Mark Epstein is heard asking the employee, “But as of right now, you’re telling me you can’t find the PCR report?”

The employee responds, “Not for the 10th of August 2019... It’s not in the fire department database,” the employee continues. “I don’t know why."

“If it’s supposed to be there, we’ll find out. But first, you’ve got to give the letters of administration before you can take them anywhere,” he added.

Mark Epstein insists that Jeffrey was in the hospital after being found, stating that he has photographs to support his claim.

After showing the employee some paperwork and noting the date the late sex offender died, the employee suggests, “Well, then they might have taken them directly to the morgue.”

“No, he was in the hospital,” Mark Epstein insists.

“I have photographs of him in the hospital too.”

Photographs from after Jeffrey Epstein's death show a piece of cloth tied to the cell's bunkbed and the interior of the cell. Epstein lacked a cellmate despite being supposed to have one and had an excessive amount of cloth, investigators found. (Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, City of New York via The Epoch Times)

The government employee tells Mark Epstein that Jeffrey’s pre-hospital care report cannot be located in the computerized fire department database, even though, Mark Epstein claims, the fire department suggested he seek the report in the first place.

“Yeah, well, I don’t know what happened, but so far, he’s not in the fire department database. I don’t know why,” the employee says.

Mark Epstein insists that he spoke to a fire department personnel who “suggested I get the PCR report.”

The employee responds, “Well, they’re saying one thing, but the computer is saying something else.”

“Yeah, well, since I heard that with my own ears, I believe them, and I don’t know why someone played with the computer, and it’s not there,” Jeffrey Epstein’s brother says.

Finally, Carlson concluded the post on X by saying: "We’ll be interviewing Mark Epstein soon."

Which will be particularly timely given that the identities of 156 people, including several prominent names, such as Britain’s Prince Andrew and former President Bill Clinton, are expected to appear in the previously redacted documents this week.

(Article by Tyler Durden republished from Zerohedge.com)

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