Nancy Pelosi Says “Many of Us Know It’s Impossible for Trump to be President Again” (VIDEO)

Representative Nancy Pelosi raised many eyebrows during her recent appearance on CNN.

While speaking with CNN’s Phil Mattingly, Pelosi stated, “Many of us know that it is impossible for Trump to be the president again.”

Mattingly quickly checked Pelosi and asked, “Why do you say that?”

Pelosi paused and replied, “Well, because… when you’re talking about what he’s talking about now, like more tax cuts for corporate Americans.”


Pelosi’s comments are quite strange, considering even left-leaning news outlets such as the New York Times have reported Trump is leading Biden in 5 critical swing states, so for Pelsoi to come out and say it’s impossible has many conservatives online wondering what the Democrats have up their sleeves.


CNN’s Mattingly later asked Pelosi why Biden hasn’t been campaigning.

Pelosi replied by claiming Biden has a lot on his plate and then bizarrely seemed to blame the weather in Iowa.


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