"Like Carlo In The Car In The Godfather" - Epstein's Brother Tells Tucker, Pathologists Said "Doesn't Look Like Suicide"

Earlier in the week, we saw Jeffrey Epstein's brother Mark explain to Tucker Carlson how he has struggled to obtain basic documents related to his bother's death in federal custody.

As the identities of Jeffrey's various 'associates' is released this week, it is clear from the 'eliteness' of this list of alleged creeps that many people stood to benefit from Epstein's perpetual silence and Tucker Carlson expressed skepticism about the official cause of death being ruled suicide, writing:

The U.S. government claims Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in a federal detention facility in Manhattan four and a half years ago, just before his trial.

If that’s true, why are there so few records available from that night?

Carlson highlights the fact that the mainstream media largely ignores big questions such as - who Epstein worked for, the origin of his wealth, and the true cause of his death, particularly whether it was suicide or murder.

"The first is who did Jeffrey Epstein work for? What did Jeffrey Epstein do for a living and on whose behalf? We don't know.

The second question is where did all the money come from? Hundreds of millions of dollars that passed through his hands over many years. And where is it now? We don't know that either.

And the third question, maybe the most pressing of all, which is, what happened to Jeffrey Epstein."

Specific to the third question (because we can guess at the other two), Mark Epstein reiterates his unsuccessful attempts to identify other inmates or obtain records from the night of the death.

Mark criticizes the handling of his brother's body, the unavailability of key records, and the apparent lack of a thorough investigation by the Department of Justic

"The autopsy showed he was dead for at least 2 hours before he was found. So at that point, they're supposed to leave the body and call the medical examiner's office so they can come take photographs, do the initial testing, whatever they do when they find a dead body. But that wasn't done."

Epstein then details the peculiar circumstances found in the autopsy report, which don't align with a typical hanging suicide.

"Well, after the autopsy and the both pathologists, the city pathologist and Dr. Baden, came out of the autopsy and they said this doesn't look like a suicide. It looks more like a homicide."

Specifically, he highlights the broken neck bones more consistent with strangulation or a physical attack rather than a hanging.

Mark also points out the absence of expected physical signs on the body if it had been hanging for an extended period, further casting doubt on the suicide narrative.

"The autopsy photographs show that the ligature mark on Jeff's neck is in the middle of his neck and goes straight back as if someone put a rope around his neck and strangled him like Carlo in The Godfather in the car."

These details, combined with the lack of transparency from authorities, fuel his belief that his brother was murdered​.

Tucker clarified:

"The bones in his neck that were broken are not seen in hangings, but are seen in strangulation."

Epstein confirmed and responded, "that's a scary thought that you can be killed in prison by the government. Because again, my life would have been a lot easier if he committed suicide."

"I could have put it behind me. But it's obvious at this point in time that he was it was not a suicide.

And so means somebody killed them. So who killed him and why?"

A good question... to which we will likely never know as Mark concludes:

 "Well, when I heard Barr's statement that he said he personally saw the videotape and he concluded it was a suicide because nobody went in or out, that's when it hit me that he's covering this up."

Carlson finishes by pointing out that it appears officials at the highest levels are lying about the circumstances surrounding Epstein's death. His brother agrees, and wants the truth: 

"...people should be aware of that. Whether we ever figure out exactly what happened, I don't know. But yeah, I don't want people to think he committed suicide. Because that's not the case."

Watch the abbreviated interview below...

Watch the full interview here at TCN.

For a deeper dive, Declan Hill's podcast goes into all of the details surrounding Epstein's death...

For example:

The medical examiner (the city pathologist and another doctor) who performed the autopsy did not rule it a suicide-- they said it did not look like suicide. The death certificate said "cause of death: pending investigation." The suicide ruling was made by the Chief Pathologist (Barbara Sampson) who was not present at the autopsy. At the point that determination was made, all further investigation was halted. Barbara Sampson won't talk to Mark Epstein or Tucker. Sampson's ruling overruled that of the actual pathologist who performed the autopsy. She justified this by saying there had been a previous suicide attempt.


There was no suicide attempt prior to Epstein's death. Mark Epstein references an interview with Jeffrey's attorney, David Shoen, in which the attorney stated that Jeffrey had actually been attacked by his cellmate, but did not want to report it as such*. The media reported it as a suicide attempt.

* Shoen describes this as an incident that began as an "experiment" between Jeffrey and the cellmate, a former cop, in which Jeffrey felt pressured to allow the cellmate to place something around his neck. The cellmate then pulled on it and injured Jeffrey. Whatever this was, it doesn't sound like a suicide attempt.

Jeffrey Epstein died a few days before a hearing on an appeal for his bond. In other words, there was still a chance he could have bailed out of jail awaiting trial.

Attorney General Bill Barr claimed he had "reviewed the tapes" of the only entrance / exit to the cell block where Epstein was being held, saw no one enter or exit, so he believed it was a suicide. However, there were several (7-14) other people who were already in that cell block. Mark has been unable to determine who the other prisoners were, other than one who was Jeffrey's cellmate. Mark has been told the tapes do not exist.

The ligature marks look more like those left from an electrical cord (possibly from his CPAP machine) rather than a fabric such as a bedsheet.

A body left hanging for two hours should show bruising from the blood pooling in the legs and buttocks due to gravity. Autopsy indicates none of this.

Is it any wonder that Mark Epstein has questions...

(Article by Tyler Durden republished from Zerohedge.com)

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