Lavrov Says West Is Aware Zelensky Getting 'Out Of Control'

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in fresh Thursday statements says the West is trying to reign in Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky as he's doing everything possible to stamp out dissent and cling to power, including canceling an expected presidential election this year.

Lavrov characterized the situation as one wherein America's man in Kiev is increasingly "out of control" but that his Western backers "would have liked to have more flexibility," according to state media translation of the new remarks.

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The Russian top diplomat further said that all the latest rhetoric coming from the Ukrainian presidency's office "only reflects the wish of that individual and his associates… to keep power as much as they can."

That's when Lavrov asserted that having Zelensky run a re-election campaign "would put him more in line with Western interests, because he has been increasingly getting out of control."

However, this claim is uncertain given that all commentary on this matter by the Biden administration as well as US mainstream media has focused on justifying the election cancelation based on there being martial law and a state of war in the country. Biden officials have previously stated that it would not be practical, and even logistically impossible, to have fair elections. 

Thus the US has defended these anti-democratic moves of Zelensky at every turn. It's also an open question of whether there will even be parliamentary elections, which was due to change over this year. However, US officials do seem open to entering serious negotiations to end the war, behind the scenes at least, given Ukraine's mounting battlefield losses.

Lavrov's critique came as Zelensky is seeking to push an unrealistic peace plan at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. To review

Zelensky’s plan requires a full Russian withdrawal from the territory it has captured since February 2022, Russia giving up Crimea, war crimes tribunals, and Russia paying reparations to Ukraine. Kyiv has no shot at implementing any aspect of the Peace Formula since its counteroffensive failed, and Ukrainian forces are now focused on defense and facing manpower shortages.

Despite the reality on the ground, Zelensky’s “Peace Formula” has received backing from the US and other Western nations. “There was the most representative meeting of national security advisors regarding the implementation of the Peace Formula. More than 80 countries and international institutions were represented,” Zelensky said in Davos.

Given these latest words of Zelensky, it remains clear that Kiev's plan is a non-starter for Moscow, and for the war to end Ukraine will have to at the very least recognize Russian possession of Crimea, and likely the four annexed territories as well. 

Meanwhile, Zelensky has continued pushing hard for the Western allies to give his forces more advanced weapons, including longer range missiles and advanced fighter jets. Yet public opinion polls in the West have continued to show Zelensky's popularity is slipping.

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