Israel demands U.S. wage war against Iran to install new government: “It’s time for the U.S. and its allies to bring down the Iranian regime”

It is not enough for the United States to simply send cash and weapons to Israel so it can wage war on Gaza. Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett believes that the U.S. also has a responsibility to wage war on Iran in order to impose regime change on behalf of Israel.

In an op-ed he wrote for the Wall Street Journal, Bennett attempted to make the case that America has a duty to fight Israel's war with Iran in order to "bring down" their "regime."

"The Iranian regime is at the center of most of the Middle East's problems and much of global terror," Bennett wrote. "Yet inexplicably, almost nobody is touching it."

"For the past 45 years, the regime has been the source of endless war, terror and suffering throughout the world. I've come to realize that enough is enough. The evil empire of Iran must be brought down."

According to Bennett, Iran is behind the many attacks that Israel says occur along its borders on a regular basis. Iran's "proxies," as Bennett calls them, are operating "in such places as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Gaza and Yemen."

"Its brutal Quds unit exported terror around the globe," Bennett further wrote about Iran. "Iran's terrorist proxies have waged war on every moderate element in the Middle East."

"They've attacked the Saudi oil company Aramco, the United Arab Emirates, the Kurds and Israel on many occasions. The most amazing part: Iran has largely gotten away with it."

(Related: Turkey and Israel are back at it with both nations' presidents accusing the other of crimes against humanity.)

Israel's national security hinges upon a weak Iran, Bennett says

There are many examples in Bennett's op-ed about things America can do better in order to please Israel in this regard. These things include "empower[ing] domestic opposition," according to Bennett.

Bennett also wants America to "ensure internet continuity during riots against the regime," as well as to "strengthen [Iran's] enemies" while "increase[ing] sanctions and economic pressure."

Israel, in Bennett's view, "can't and shouldn't do this alone." Instead, the U.S. needs to be "leading the effort," according to Bennett, in ensuring that Israel's goals are achieved, including the dismantling of the Iranian government.

"This doesn't require a full-scale war, just as the demise of the Soviet Union didn't result from total war," Bennett stipulates. "Rather, the Soviet Union collapsed from internal rot coupled with external pressure applied by the U.S."

In sum, Bennett says the U.S. must do what Israel is demanding by setting a clear goal of "bringing down Iran's evil regime." No matter what, Bennett believes that the U.S. has a responsibility to take down Iran on behalf of Israel, which he says is "vital for the safety and security of the Middle East – and the entire civilized world."

It is important to remember that Israel has said this kind of thing before. Back in 2002, Benjamin Netanyahu lied to America about the need to invade Iraq, only to then leave U.S. troops on their own without sending a single Israeli troop into Saddam Hussein's regime to help with the battle:

Israel also previously convinced the U.S. to assassinate Iranian General Qasem Soleimani by supplying intelligence to U.S. officials that painted Soleimani as an "immediate threat." Just like with the Iraq debacle, Israel then proceeded to fail in backing up the effort.

"Our 'special relationship' with Israel is a completely one-sided endeavor that's isolating us from the entire world," writes Chris Menahan for Information Liberation.

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