Hospitals in Israel told to prepare for “thousands of casualties,” and other alarming developments with global implications

The world is in a state of escalating chaos as tensions continue to rise in the Middle East; another new Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "variant" makes headlines; and Ecuador descends into a civil war, among other calamities.

The latest news out of Israel is that hospitals in the northern portion of the Jewish state are being told to prepare for "thousands of casualties" following the assassination of the brother-in-law of the leader of Hezbollah.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officials have ordered preparation for the expansion of fighting in the north near Lebanon after numerous Muslim leaders, including another from Hamas, were taken out by the Israeli military, which is sure to prompt retaliation.

"Why would such an alert get issued now?" wonders Michael Snyder from The Economic Collapse Blog about this latest development in the Middle East. "Is something major about to happen?"

Ziv Hospital in Safed and the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya have both begun preparations for a "desert island" situation. This means the medical facilities are preparing for days without access to working equipment, as well as needed medicines and food, the implication being that Hezbollah is about to launch a massive attack.

"To me, it certainly sounds like Israeli authorities are anticipating that a full-blown regional war could soon break out, and that would have massive global ramifications," Snyder notes.

They're STILL pushing more COVID "variants"

Another major development is an announcement out of communist China about a new "deadly variant" of the Chinese Virus that is 100 percent fatal in mice "due to infection of the brain."

People's Liberation Army (PLA) scientist Yigang Tong published a paper about the variant, known as "pangolin" or "GX_P2V," that killed every hACE2 mouse evaluated.

"SARS-CoV-2-related pangolin coronavirus GX_P2V(short_3UTR) can cause 100% mortality in human ACE2-transgenic mice, potentially attributable to late-stage brain infection," the paper reads. "This underscores a spillover risk of GX_P2V into humans and provides a unique model for understanding the pathogenic mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2-related viruses."

Peter Daszak from EcoHealth Alliance is also fearmongering about "a never-before-seen virus" with "almost" as much potential as the original COVID to infect humans – is another manufactured "pestilence" soon on the way for the world?

Then we have the ongoing civil unrest problems in Ecuador, which reports indicate have erupted into a nationwide "civil war" after masked thugs "stormed a television station in the port city of Guayaquil ... while taking prison guards hostage and murdering civilians."

The masked men threatened presenters and workers with automatic weapons and explosives on live television as the sound of gunshots and terrified hostages begging for mercy were heard in the background.

"... at this point, the tight grip that the U.S. and the EU once had on so much of the planet is starting to falter," notes Snyder about these rapidly escalating developments in Ecuador, the Middle East, and quite frankly all around the world in nearly every crevice of global affairs.

"We really have entered a period of tremendous worldwide chaos, and I fully expect things to get even more wild during the months ahead."

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