Chaos Breaks Out After Secret Underground Tunnel Network Discovered Under NYC

Chaos has broken out in New York City following the discovery of an underground tunnel system under the Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters in New York City.

Footage posted online revealed law enforcement agents removing soiled mattresses and other items from an entrance to the tunnel system.

Footage from the scene shows NYPD officers pulling several Orthodox Jewish men from the tunnel before taking them into custody. Frum TikTok reported that several were attempting to stop city workers from filling the tunnels with cement, leading to chaos.

Police could eventually be seen arresting members of the crowd and taking them into custody with zip-tie handcuffs.

According to, the tunnel was discovered by authorities three weeks ago after a homeowner on nearby Union Street reported hearing suspicious noises that seemed to be coming from within his home over a period of time. 

A construction crew who were working on a plumbing system not far from the headquarters also discovered a tunnel while attempting to lay a waterline.

The local outlet reported that a number of Yeshiva men started work on the tunnel at some point over the last six months. Working at night, the men allegedly dug the tunnel from the nearby Mikvah building all the way to the headquarters.

According to Crown Heights Info, the tunnels were built in the last six months in an effort to expand 770. However, other reports suggest the tunnels were dug by Yeshiva men during the Covid lockdown after they were locked out of 770.

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