Bill Clinton Officially Named As Epstein’s ‘Most Prolific Pedophile’ in Leaked Court Documents

Bill Clinton is officially listed as one of the “most prolific pedophiles” in an upcoming release of court documents that names and shames VIP child rapists connected to Jeffrey Epstein.

According to a report by ABC News, Clinton will be identified in the bombshell documents as “John Doe 36.”

The documents, pertaining to a 2015 lawsuit filed by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre, mention Clinton over 50 times. Many legal experts claim these references are linked to Giuffre’s efforts to compel the ex-president to testify against Epstein and his child sex fixer Ghislaine Maxwell. reports: Some mentions of Clinton are also anticipated to involve joint endeavors by Maxwell and Giuffre to press Epstein to disclose information in 2016, following his repeated invocations of the Fifth Amendment during a deposition in the same lawsuit.

“U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska ruled earlier this month there was no legal justification for continuing to conceal the ex-president’s name and more than 150 names other ‘John and Jane Does’ mentioned in the records. Preska ordered the unsealing to begin after Jan. 1” ABC reports.

Individuals mentioned in the documents have already had their connections to Epstein and his abhorrent sex-trafficking network revealed. The forthcoming release is anticipated to disclose the identities of numerous accusers, alleged victims, former associates of Epstein, members of his inner circle, and individuals purportedly involved in his criminal activities.

Among those mentioned is Prince Andrew, who, according to allegations, Giuffre was instructed by Maxwell and Epstein to engage in sexual activities with on multiple occasions.

Giuffre sought to issue a subpoena for Clinton’s testimony in her legal proceedings, asserting that she encountered the ex-president on Epstein’s secluded Caribbean island, Little St. James.

Clinton has denied ever being on the island. 

The impending release is set to unveil the identities of more than 170 individuals, previously known as John and Jane Does, connected to Epstein. Judge Preska ruled for the unsealing of these documents just before Christmas, and they are slated to be made public starting January 2, after the New Year’s Day holiday.

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