Biden Angry With Republicans Trying To Stop Kids Seeing Gay Porn

During a radio interview, Joe Biden expressed disbelief that Republicans have a problem with gay porn books being made available to children as young as six years old in schools across the country.

Biden claimed that Republicans are trying to ban books, a tactic that has been repeatedly used to downplay the fact that sexually explicit material and books promoting transgenderism are being placed in school libraries.

“The idea that you can be told that you can’t read certain books. This is the United States of America, for God’s sake!” Biden stated.

He added “These guys are afraid of the truth!”

As we have repeatedly highlighted, the specific books being referred to, titles such as Gender Queer and All Boys Are Blue, contain overtly sexual themes and pornographic imagery.

Even the author of Gender Queer admitted that the book is not suitable for children.

Biden and the Democrats keep pushing the lie that Conservatives are on a quest to ban books.

When asked about the subject, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz claimed that “they’re trying to ban Charlotte’s Web,” which is not true.

We have previously noted that Walz has overseen efforts to enshrine transgender surgery on children as a legal right in his state.

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