A few weeks have passed since the Chabad tunnel scandal broke headlines, and all questions about it are being called “antisemitic”

For some reason, any and all questions about the recent discovery of illegal tunnels burrowed underneath the global headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch sect of Judaism in New York City's Crown Heights are racist, according to the corporate media.

Digging the types of tunnels that were discovered is not only illegal without the proper permits, but they were also found to contain creepy and disturbing items like a soiled possibly-with-blood mattress and a baby height chair. All of this creates more questions than answers, and yet nobody, including the New York City Police Department (NYPD), seems to care one iota about any of it.

In fact, the mere act of even asking questions about the discovery is being widely regarded as "antisemitic," as if any kind of investigation into potential wrongdoing means that a person hates the Jewish people, or something.

Much like the race card, the antisemitic card is played any time a Jewish entity, whether it be Chabad, the Jewish state of Israel, a Zionist politician, or what have you receives any kind of scrutiny for questionable behavior. And the tunnel scandal is no exception.

What are the Chabad tunnels really for?

There are all sorts of cover stories floating around out there that attempt to explain away the secret tunnels as nothing more than the remnant of "a group of students [that] decided to take 770's expansion into their own hands," to quote one headline from The Jerusalem Post.

In attempting to explain away the tunnels, the Post said pretty much nothing about why they were even dug in the first place. All the article does is explain that they were built without approval or permits, which the world already knows to be true.

Another article from The Guardian (United Kingdom) claims that "a group of anti-establishment yeshiva students from the Israeli city of Tzfat" are responsible for digging the tunnels after they "took control of the Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue in Brooklyn and started digging."

Just like the Post article, The Guardian article avoided explaining why the tunnels are even there in the first place. Instead, it tells the history of the facility and its internal conflicts over the years while sort of claiming that it was expanded to ease overcrowding.

"The tunnels are actually a no-brainer," wrote Chananya Groner, claiming that during special Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashanah, "the sanctuary is so full that the brief walk to the doorway for a bathroom break is a 20-minute adventure that requires climbing over tables and benches, squeezing through tightly packed throngs, and praying that your jacket buttons don't come off in the process."

Both articles are loaded with filler that sidesteps telling "the real story" behind the tunnels, and instead deflects from the truth of the matter that the tunnels are highly suspicious based on what was discovered inside of them, and because they lead to outdoor escape areas like the below drainage gate:

"What's a 'no brainer' is that Chabad is completely above the law," wrote Chris Menahan for Information Liberation about the scandal.

A commenter added that "when dealing with Chabad, we are dealing with people who worship an antichrist, a fake "messiah."

Another shared the below video, which portrays the tunnel saga and the Synagogue of Satan as being "far worse than you all think:"

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com )

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