'This Might Be The Biggest Lie Of The Year From Biden Regime'

Had the Biden administration prioritized southern border security, significant efforts to resolve the crisis would likely have been completed by now instead of peddling blatant lies and half-truths to deflect the blame for their disastrous open border policies that have flooded the nation with millions of illegals (and individuals on the FBI's terror watch list) ahead the 2024 presidential election cycle. 

A large chunk of corporate progressive media outlets have been spoonfed propaganda from the White House this year to distract Americans with southern border misinformation. 

The clearest misinformation campaign from the White House was in May, when Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorka declared: "I want to be very clear, our borders are not open." 

"This might be the biggest lie of the year from the Biden regime," X user Libs of TikTok wrote in a post. 

Responding to Libs of TikTok's post, X user RedWave Press said:

"This is a massive lie. The southern border is wide open and the Biden administration is funding the whole thing. Our country is going to be run into the ground by illegal immigrants if something doesn't change." 

But the border lies don't stop with Mayorka. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been on the frontlines of spreading misinformation, saying President Biden has done "everything that he can" to secure the border. 

"It's just a blind spot for this entire White House, this entire administration, that would really prefer that they didn't have to deal with any of the ramifications of the policy choices that they've made when it comes to the border and that Alexander Mayorkas has been so terrible at and actually implementing when it comes to the DHS policy involved," Ben Domenech, the publisher and co-founder of The Federalist, recently told Fox Business' Ashley Webster. 

Endless border misinformation injected into corporate media by the White House has been on full display in recent days when the US Customs and Border Protection released data indicating a quarter of a million migrant encounters at the southern border in November - the busiest November on record. 

Furthermore, the new website Muckraker revealed a treasure trove of "mass migration blueprints," handed out by NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, across South and Central America to illegals with details about their route to the US. 

"A lot of NGOs are helping Biden open the border to unlimited illegal crossing. But none of this could happen without the president's approval," Byron York, the chief political correspondent at the Washington Examiner, said last week. 

The breaking point for law-abiding and tax-paying Americans has arrived. They're tired of being lied to by radicals in the White House and corporate media. That's why Biden's polling data has plunged to record lows, and trust in media has imploded. 

(Article by Tyler Durden republished from Zerohedge.com)

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