Netanyahu Says Western Nations Must Take In Millions of Palestinian Refugees

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has demanded that Western countries take in millions of Palestinian refugees who are fleeing Gaza.

“Our problem is countries that are ready to absorb them and we are working on it,” Netanyahu said during a meeting of his Likud party on Monday.

“The world is already discussing the possibilities of voluntary immigration,” Netanyahu said, adding that a team must be established to “ensure that those who want to leave Gaza to a third country can do so.”

“It needs to be settled. It has strategic importance for the day after the war,” he added. reports: This comes days after Israel’s neighbor Egypt rebuffed Netanyahu’s effort to ethnically cleanse Gaza by pushing Palestinians into its territory.

Egypt claimed that as the IDF operation expands, Israel would “push Palestinians from Gaza to Egypt — and not allow them to return after the war,” Axios reported.

Weeks after the Hamas attack on Israel, an Israeli intelligence “concept paper” was leaked which outlined a plan to displace millions of Palestinians from Gaza into Egypt and Jordan.

“The document proposes moving Gaza’s civilian population to tent cities in northern Sinai, then building permanent cities and an undefined humanitarian corridor,” the Associated Press reported.

“A security zone would be established inside Israel to block the displaced Palestinians from entering. The report did not say what would become of Gaza once its population is cleared out.”

This is just another leg of the globalists’ Great Replacement migration plan to flood the West with populations that are incompatible with its values.

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