Institute for the Study of War: Russia May Conquer ALL of Ukraine if Aid Stops – American Think Tank Warns Stealth Fighters Will Be Diverted From Taiwan Defense

The American Think-Tank Institute for the Study of War released an article called ‘The High Price of Losing Ukraine: Military-Strategic and Financial Implications of Russian Victory’.

The text is riddled with pro-NATO propaganda detached from reality, as you would expect – but it also brings a set of startling admissions that go much deeper than what’s ‘allowed’ in MSM reports.

According to the ISW text, the United States ‘has a much higher stake in Russia’s war on Ukraine than most people think’.

“A Russian conquest of all of Ukraine is by no means impossible if the United States cuts off all military assistance and Europe follows suit.”

That’s it: instead of talking about a ‘stalemate’, the Think Tank talks about Russian troops going as far as NATO’s border from the Black Sea to the Arctic Ocean.

Russia replaced manpower losses and are ramping up their industrial base, transforming it into an even deadlier force.

“A victorious Russian army at the end of this war will be combat experienced and considerably larger than the pre-2022 Russian land forces.”

The Russian economy will gradually recover, ISW believes, as sanctions erode and Moscow circumvents or mitigates the remaining ones.

“It will bring with it advanced air defense systems that only American stealth aircraft—badly needed to deter and confront China—can reliably penetrate. Russia can pose a major conventional military threat to NATO for the first time since the 1990s

To deter and defend against a renewed Russian threat following a full Russian victory in Ukraine the United States will have to deploy to Eastern Europe a sizable portion of its ground forces.”

In the event of a complete Ukrainian defeat, the US ‘will have to station in Europe a large number of stealth aircraft’.

There will come a time to make a ‘terrible choice between keeping enough in Asia to defend Taiwan and its other Asian allies and deterring or defeating a Russian attack on a NATO ally’.

“Helping Ukraine keep the lines where they are through continuous Western military support is far more advantageous and cheaper for the United States than allowing Ukraine to lose.”

Without Western aid, Ukraine’s ability to hold off the Russian military will collapse.

“Russian forces could push all the way to the western Ukrainian border in such a scenario and establish new military bases on the borders of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. The Russians are preparing occupation military forces to handle the almost inevitable Ukrainian insurgency while leaving front line troops free to threaten NATO.”

The United States would need to move large numbers of American soldiers to the entire eastern NATO border from the Baltic to the Black Sea, as well as a significant proportion of its fleet of stealth aircraft permanently to Europe.

“NATO defense strategy relies on air superiority not merely to protect NATO troops from enemy attack but also to use air power to offset smaller NATO ground forces and limited stocks of NATO artillery.”

This would happen during ‘a period of very high risk when US forces were not adequately prepared or postured to handle either Russia or China, let alone both together’.

(Article by Paul Serran republished from

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