Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vindicated – China’s Top Spy Agency Warns of “Gene Weapons’ Able to Target Specific Ethnicity or Race

In July, Robert Kennedy, Jr. took heat from the leftwing media and The New York Post after he alleged that both the U.S. and China had done research into ethnically-targeted bioweapons.

Kennedy added, “History shows that Jews, Africans, and the indigenous have the most to fear from such technologies,” he said, adding, “We must rein in all bioweapons research, whether these weapons are ethnically targeted or not. We saw what COVID did to the world when it was leaked from a laboratory.“

Kennedy made these comments after NY Post reporter Jon Levine wrote a hit piece on Kennedy after sitting next to him at “party filled with farting and beer drinking” and accused him of anti-Semitism for suggesting the COVID Pandemic hit some ethnic groups harder than others and that European Ashkenazi Jews and Asians fared better with the virus.

During the party Robert Kennedy, Jr. spoke about how scientists are now developing viruses as bioweapons. The US is sponsoring these laboratories financially. And scientists are currently working on ethnically targeted microbes. This was all true

On Tuesday, the top Spy Agency in China confirmed that “some countries” have armed themselves with deadly bioweapons targeting human genes. This was the first time a Chinese state body has mentioned such a threat publicly.

The South China Morning Post reported:

Some countries have “armed” themselves with deadly weapons targeting human genes, China’s top spy agency alleged on Monday – the first time a Chinese state body has mentioned such a threat publicly.

In a post on its official WeChat account, the Ministry of State Security said some nations had targeted the Chinese population for “ulterior motives”.

The ministry did not name those countries or offer evidence to support the claim.

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The existence of such weapons has long been dismissed by the mainstream scientific community as a conspiracy theory.

In a report in February last year, researchers from the Council on Strategic Risks said the threat of bioweapons as a deterrent was “irrelevant” because no country was safe from the effects of a pandemic.

But what the Chinese ministry is alleging countries have made is not a biological agent engineered for the entire world but rather the creation of a targeted threat, or genetic weapons.

(Article by Jim Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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