HORROR: Helpless Georgia Girl Stabbed Multiple Times at School, Leaving Her with Life-Altering Injuries – Lawsuit Alleges School Did NOTHING to Protect The Victim and Violated District Policy (VIDEO)

McDonough, GA – A lawsuit, along with a leaked video, has revealed that an innocent Georgia girl was stabbed at several times by a vicious youth during gym class this past spring. Now the parents want the school to pay for failing to protect their daughter after she suffered life-altering injuries resulting from the evil attack.

Law and Crime reported Friday that back on March 15, a student at Ola Middle School was being harassed by a female bully while she was walking to gym class. They began fighting once they entered the gym.

Unfortunately for the innocent girl, her tormentor had a knife and proceeded to stab her 14 times across her face, head, neck, shoulder, back and chest. As one can see in video, several students stare and seemingly cheer on the assault.

WATCH (video of the stabbing starts at 1:28 and ends at 1:40):

The fight reportedly started over a beef on social media with someone who was not involved in the attack. The girl desperately tried to avoid her bully and asked the suspect to “leave her alone” multiple times.

The victim’s mother, Ashley Wilson of Henry County, is now suing school administrators, specifically naming the principal and three vice principals in the lawsuit, for a whopping $3 million for failing to protect their daughter. Her lawsuit alleges school police had previously informed school administrators that the attacker had a knife on campus and threatened other students the day before and the day of the assault. Administrators then violated district policy by failing to investigate the weapon and ignoring the bullying.

“It’s not a choice. It’s required that the administrators conduct an investigation. And it’s required that a student who brings a dangerous weapon onto campus be expelled. These things were not done, so even the most basic initial step — an investigation — would have prevented the attack from occurring,” Wilson family attorney Andrew Gould, a founding member of Princenthal, May & Wilson law firm in Sandy Springs, Georgia told Fox News.

The complaint also alleges teachers who saw the bullying failed to defuse the situation and protect the victim.

Teachers who witnessed the harassment did not defuse the situation. The teachers who witnessed the bullying failed to keep the victim safe while on school property.

Adam Princenthal, another Wilson family attorney, told Fox News on Sunday that Wilson’s daughter is still recovering “both physically and emotionally.”

The attack resulted in 14 stab wounds and lacerations across Ashley’s daughter’s body — everything from her face to her neck to her back to her breasts. And she is, to this day, still recovering both physically and emotionally. 

Credit: Fox News

Princenthal went on to tell the network the girl has “scars everywhere” including one on her face. This one is “the primary concern of the young lady” because it “remains noticeable to this day.”

Wilson lawyers say the suspect was arrested following the brutal assault but no other information is available regarding the specific charges according to Fox News.

(Article by Cullen Linebarger republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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