Armed Man Storms Hamburg Airport With 'Possible Explosives' As Hostage Situation On Tarmac Ongoing

Air traffic at Hamburg Airport in Germany was halted after an armed man breached a security barrier and drove onto the tarmac. BBC News reports that the man is believed to have taken one person hostage in a vehicle. 

The armed man, 35, is holding his four-year-old daughter hostage in a vehicle underneath a plane. He is demanding a direct flight to Turkey with his daughter. 

A spokeswoman for the Hamburg police said the incident began around 20:00 local time on Saturday. They described the situation as "tense" and said the man was communicating with authorities. 

"We have to consider that he has a gun with him and we also have to consider that he possibly has some explosive devices with him," police spokeswoman Sandra Levgruen said. 

Videos posted on 'free speech' social media platform X show the man throwing two incendiary devices onto the runway. There have also been reports the man has discharged his firearm multiple times. 

Flights at the airport have been canceled. Bloomberg noted a total of 139 departures and 147 arrivals with 34,500 passengers were planned for the airport today. 

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