WATCH: A Real Climate Scientist Debunks ‘Crisis’ Claims


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Weather-related deaths have plunged 97% over last century

A real climate scientist has appeared on video debunking those claims that the world is in “crisis,” that “people are dying” because of the climate, and all those charges leveled by activists.

In fact, the science shows that over the last 100 years, the deaths related to climate have dropped – by 97%.

The comments come from Judith Curry, a climatologist who has published more than 140 scientific books and papers and has served on the faculty of Georgia Tech.

Her comments came in an interview with commentator John Stossel:

The video begins with those wild charges by global warming activists Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who both claimed “People are dying!”

Also among the propaganda is the claim earth has until 2030 to avoid calamity.

Curry was on the authorship team of a study that came out about the time of Hurricane Katrina. Its point was to make adjustments when rebuilding New Orleans from the damage of such a storm.

“We didn’t really blame it on global warming,” Curry said.

But the activists grabbed the information to use in support of their faith in global warming, which was changed to climate change when the warming stopped.

Ignored were factors involving natural variability in climate, and the issue prompted her to study more.

Then came Climategate, which revealed so-called climate scientists concealing information, warping study results and bullying editors.

Extremists, including those at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changed, decided on a war against oil companies and capitalism, and put the “policy cart” far ahead of the “science horse,” she said.

Then developed the bias in funding, where scientists looking neutrally at such issues couldn’t get funded.

Eventually, they were determined to be “deniers,” and Curry said the scientific community likely began the “cancel culture” because of these issues.

Today, she charged, climate change arguments are being used to ignore the real problems that need to be addressed, such as poverty, lifestyle, poor government, poor land use, poor city planning and more.

A commentary at Twitchy said, “John Stossel was pretty brave to take on the modern-day religion that IS climate change. This is not merely an agenda item or issue for many many many people, OH NO, it has definitely become a religion.”

It continued, “And if you speak out against it or try to disprove it you are the DEVIL … or something.”

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