WATCH: Israel Mom Whose Children Were Abducted by Hamas Terrorists Goes Off on Vile Andrea Mitchell for Asking a Dumb Question About the Nation’s Justified Attacks Against Gaza

 Credit: Townhall/MSNBC screenshot

Monday on MSNBC served as yet another example why Andrea Mitchell is one of the worst “journalists” in America.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Hamas has committed multiple horrific atrocities since invading Israel Saturday. These include gunning down peaceful Israelis at a dance party, raping and abducting young Israeli women, and beheading Israeli soldiers. Hamas has even chopped off the heads of little babies and gunned down entire families in their beds.

Mitchell hosted an Israeli mom whose two children were abducted by Hamas. She had the audacity to ask a callous and dumb question implying concern over Israel daring to retaliate against these medieval terrorists against Gaza.

Any decent journalist should know you do not ask these type of questions to someone who is a victim and/or has family who are victims of vile perpetrators. A little bit of empathy goes a long way.

The mom did not hold back on Mitchell at all.


Mitchell: What are your feelings about the attacks against Gaza right now?”

Israel mom:

You are looking for a symmetrical situation and I must say it isn’t… countries do not take children hostages. It’s against the laws of war, it’s against humanity.

Every time we had missiles shot at us I used to say to my children they should be sympathetic toward the children of Gaza because they suffer a lot more than they do. I’m not sure I believe it now.

The only worry I have right now from the bombings in Gaza is the fact my children are there.

I can’t be sympathetic to animal human beings — well, they’re not really human beings — who came into my house, broke everything, stole everything, took my children from their bedrooms and took them to the Gaza Strip.

Israel never done that, and it will never do. So there is no symmetry! I’m sorry.

Mitchell goes on to ask another stupid question about whether Israel should make the hostages out a top priority. Any civilized government would make this so.:

Mitchell: Do you want there government to put a top priority on getting the hostages out?

Israeli mom: I want my government to put it on the first priority and I want the word to put it on the first priority.

(Article by Cullen Linebarger republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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