Watch: Biden Engages In Desperate Gaslighting, Blames MAGA For America's Ills

In a recent interview with ProPublica, Joe Biden engaged in a short but revealing interview that covered the spectrum of establishment media and far-left talking points concerning the durability of conservative movements (including MAGA) and their supposed threat to “democracy.”  

ProPublica, a “non-profit” organization that claims to be an independent news organization, has been at the center of a number of stories attacking conservative leaning officials and groups, including conservative Supreme Court members like Clarence Thomas.  They have also been criticized for taking millions in donations from leftist elites including Charles Rockefeller and George Soros; throwing lavish parties for oligarchs in New York while at the same time asserting that they are “shining a light on abuses of power and betrayals of public trust.”

The group offers a series of leading (or well rehearsed) questions to Biden, who mumbles through the interview with his typical brand of intermittent incoherence.  However, there are a few major points to be taken from this interaction.

The discussion itself comes off as rather desperate – The level of focus on Trump, MAGA and January 6th reflects panic in the wake of a recent ABC poll, which shows Trump ahead of Biden by 10 points in a hypothetical election battle in 2024.  With Trump far ahead of any other candidate in the GOP primaries, the rematch may already be set in stone.  What is Biden's response to this development?

Democracy Is “Under Threat?"

ProPublica launches into the interview with the admission that when they talked to Biden during the last election, they did not expect things to go well for him.  This was a sentiment held by millions of Americans including many Democrats leading up to November 2020, which is why the debate over election manipulation is so believable.  It is difficult to comprehend how a candidate that drew weak crowds and little enthusiasm during his campaign somehow garnered over 81 million votes – With a huge spike in votes counted overnight after most Americans went to bed.  

Both political parties have in the past questioned the validity of vote counts and election integrity, but rarely has the demand for a recount or the protests that followed been demonized so completely.  That said, the repetitive claims on J6 as an “insurrection” have not had the affect on public sentiment that Democrats intended.  The fear mongering over the protest (an unarmed conservative march which was far less violent than many major BLM marches) has been the only play at the disposal of Democrats seeking to paint conservatives as the biggest threat to American stability since the Civil War.

Because, when your candidate has been at the helm of the country during the worst stagflationary crisis in 40 years and people's savings accounts are quickly drying up, the only thing that might save him is the idea that the other guy will make things even worse if he's allowed into office.

Rule By The Majority?

The far-left does not represent the majority of Americans, but this notion is consistently implanted in the establishment media just as it is implanted in the above interview.  And it bears repeating – The US is not a democracy, and it is not rooted in rule by the majority.  The US is a Constitutional Republic ruled by checks and balances and inalienable rights.  The political left believes that if they repeat the same falsehood over and over again that eventually the public will believe it.

Rule Of Law?  

Americans got a serious taste of what Democrats perceive to be the “rule of law” during the BLM riots and the covid lockdowns.  They have seen double standards put in place, for example, to protect the image of leftist BLM rioters while maliciously slandering conservatives.  They witnessed BLM being given free rein to amass in the streets during lockdowns while conservative anti-mandate protesters were compared to terrorists.  

They also witnessed numerous BLM related violent crimes and attacks be ignored by the media while they attempted to destroy a young man's life (Kyle Rittenhouse) for defending himself against that same violence.

Then there were the numerous attempts in 2021-2022 by Democrats to enforce medical authoritarianism, including attempted vaccine passport programs and an array of punishments for the unvaccinated.  Keep in mind that this was all done in the name of a virus with a tiny 0.23% Infection Fatality Rate (officially).  Mandates are not laws, they are unconstitutional dictates from on high.

“Christian Nationalists” And Hateful Revolution?

Such double standards lead to rebellion, and Biden knows this. Which is why the interviewer dares to address it in the first place.  ProPublica, like all leftist platforms, seeks to marginalize the feelings of rebellion across the country as a product of “Christian nationalism” (which means different things to different people).  For progressives, the terminology is supposed to conjure images of neo-nazis and evil rednecks.  The wording was carefully chosen to associate all patriots with racism.

Biden immediately latches onto the propaganda by talking about Strom Thurmon and “hate” hiding just under the surface of America.  But Strom Thurmon was originally a Democrat and didn't switch to Republican until he started changing his image.  And didn't Biden give a eulogy at Strom Thurmon's funeral?  Hasn't Biden made numerous comments in the past that would be construed as racist by today's progressive standards?

The reality is that Democrats have long been a party associated with hate and nothing has changed.  Except now they view minorities as property on the voting plantation instead of the traditional slave plantation.  Numerous minorities are also conservative and libertarian patriots that do not like the current path of the country; are these people also inspired by hate?  

Elon Musk Ruining “Journalistic Integrity” With Free Speech?

Yes, it's true, not long ago information was bottlenecked by a handful of corporate media entities which engaged in editorial spin to omit facts and misinform the public, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.  Now, because of digital media they are dying and this can only be a good thing.  Biden thinks otherwise, with yet another dig at Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter/X.

It is perhaps hard to grasp how important Twitter was to the establishment as a filter to remove undesirable truths from public discussion.  The level of salt on display among leftists and globalists when it comes to Twitter introducing even a modicum of free speech makes it clear that the platform was a key asset.  

The issue is really one of saturation – In order to control the public narrative the establishment must control all major media and social media structures.  If even one large platform slips through the cracks then people will have alternative access to information and that platform will rise in popularity, just as Twitter/X user numbers are now hitting record highs. 

With the covid lockdowns, as long as some places in the US and in the world remained free from the mandates then people would be able to see that there was a better way to handle the pandemic that did not require oppressive restrictions.  When people can see an alternative that works better, they will naturally gravitate to it.  The same goes for information, media and political leadership.

As long as alternatives outside the bottleneck exist, people like Biden and his ilk cannot dictate popular discourse.  The goal of such people will forever be to eliminate alternatives; leaving only the choices they allow.

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