UN Calls For Public to Live in ‘Mud and Straw’ Huts to Meet ‘Agenda 2030’ Targets

Globalist bureaucrats at the United Nations (UN) are calling for the public to live in huts made from mud and straw in order to meet the globalist agency’s Net Zero and Agenda 2030 goals.

The UN has released a new report that lays out extreme measures citizens in Western nations must accept to comply with the globalist elite’s green agenda.

To meet the Net Zero target of reaching “zero carbon emissions” before 2050, as dictated by the UN and the World Economic Forum (WEF), the public will need to significantly slash their quality of life and begin to align with the globalist vision of techno-communist utopianism.

The UN insists that traditionally built homes are no longer acceptable and people must start living in structures made from building materials including mud bricks, bamboo, and forest “detritus.”

According to the UN, the world needs to switch to “regenerative material practices.” These practices involve using “ethically produced” low-carbon earth and bio-based building materials.

The report harks back to the middle of the last century when the vast majority of cultures built large buildings and cities out of indigenous earthen, stone, and bio-based materials, including timber, cane, thatch, and bamboo.

Contrasting modern concrete, steel, and glass buildings, the United Nations asserts that “massive mud buildings have been maintained for centuries with their structures intact.”

The UN lays out the plans in a recently published report titled “Building Materials and the Climate: Constructing a New Future.”

The report is one of a number that have appeared recently that have started to lay out the hard changes that will need to be made to meet the globalist “Net Zero” goals.

Under Net Zero, 80% of the world’s energy produced by fossil fuels will be banned in less than 30 years.

The construction sector is said to account for 37% of “human-caused emissions” of gases such as carbon dioxide.

Making progress on reducing this will require drastic measures with the report stating that materials such as concrete, steel, and aluminum will be used only when “absolutely necessary.”

Unsurprisingly, the unelected UN demands legislative action in its buildings report and suggests taxpayer money must be used to enforce its green agenda schemes.

Government “incentives, awareness campaigns, and legal and regulatory frameworks” will be needed to push the UN’s mud huts plans, the report notes.

“Recycling systems for building materials tend to require similar kinds of support across countries,” the report states.

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