PARENTS BEWARE: Satanic group 764 preys on minors online

Authorities have uncovered a disturbing Satanic pedophile extortion group, known as 764, that preys on minors online.

They stumbled into this horrifying group while probing the social media posts of Angel Almeida, a 23-year-old individual arrested in November 2021 and charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. Almeida had previously served time in Florida on burglary charges.

In February, Brooklyn federal prosecutors added charges related to child exploitation and enticing minors to their indictment against Almeida. These charges stemmed from anonymous tips and their alleged connection to social media accounts featuring disturbing content related to child sex abuse.

One of Almeida's Instagram profiles, "@necropedocell," displayed an image of a bound and gagged child. Another post showed him posing with ammunition in front of a flag associated with the Order of Nine Angels (O9A), described as a global Satanist group with neo-Nazi and white supremacist elements.

A search of Almeida's residence reportedly uncovered numerous files containing child sex abuse material on four different devices, along with books related to O9A and Satanism. Additionally, authorities discovered a "blood covenant" and an O9A drawing featuring a hooded figure surrounded by the group's symbols, seemingly smeared with blood.

Also recovered were a 9mm handgun and bandoliers of rifle ammunition.

On September 12, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a public warning about 764, a "violent online group" that targets minors, especially those in vulnerable groups like LGBTQ+ individuals, racial minorities, and those with mental health issues. This group manipulates, threatens and blackmails these youths into recording acts of self-harm, animal abuse, sexual acts and suicide.

The FBI warning revealed that 764 uses various online platforms such as Roblox, Discord, Twitch, Soundcloud playlists and the encrypted messaging app Telegram to exploit their victims.

While this was the first public mention of 764 by U.S. law enforcement, it has already made headlines abroad, with a German teenager accused of a gruesome crime being linked to the group.

In addition to child pornography possession, Almeida faces charges of attempting to lure two underage girls into sexual activity, with one allegedly targeted for creating and disseminating child sex abuse material.

Despite the seriousness of these allegations, Almeida displayed a dismissive attitude during recent court appearances. He is set to stand trial on December 4 and could face a life sentence if convicted.

What is 764?

Information from documents and reliable sources reveals that 764 is closely linked to the O9A, an extremist ideology known for its violent and subversive beliefs that blend elements of Hitler worship, Satanism and Wiccan principles.

American authorities have officially categorized O9A as a terrorist ideology due to its associations with various murders and attempted terrorist activities across multiple countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Russia.

Insiders familiar with investigations into 764 suggest that the group maintains a substantial network consisting of approximately a couple of thousand participants, with hundreds of highly active members playing a central role in producing and disseminating the majority of the group's disturbing content, such as child pornography and graphic violence videos.

These materials are often shared within the group's channels on platforms like Telegram, Discord and less mainstream platforms like Matrix.

Similar to numerous online-based extremist organizations, 764 operates on a global scale, involving individuals from various parts of the world. Notably, a German teenager who stands accused of the murder of his foster family in Romania is suspected of having ties to 764, as reported by Der Spiegel and the Romanian publication Libertatea.

Watch how Queens man's gun rap unveils Satanic pedophile cult.

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