NOT HEZBOLLAH: Al-Quds Brigades Claims Responsibility for Infiltration Operation on Lebanese-Israeli Border

The Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), claimed responsibility for a recent infiltration operation on the Lebanese-Israeli border earlier Monday, saying it was part of the wider Al-Aqsa Storm operation. The PIJ is the second largest group in the Gaza Strip after Hamas.

According to the report, seven Israeli soldiers suffered injuries during the operation.

“We declare our responsibility for today’s operation in southern Lebanon on the borders of occupied Palestine,” said Al-Quds Brigades.


“The IDF neutralized a number of terrorist infiltrators who crossed from Lebanon into Israel. We are defending our country and stand ready on all borders.” the Israel Defense Force said in a statement.

In a follow-up statement, IDF said, “The IDF Homefront Command instructs Israeli civilians in towns near the Lebanese border to remain in their homes.”

Hezbollah, a Lebanese group backed by Iran, has denied any involvement in the infiltration.

“There is no truth to information circulating about clashes between resistance elements and the Israeli enemy or any infiltration,” a Hezbollah spokesperson said in a statement.

The incident comes after Hezbollah launched guided rockets and artillery onto three posts in the contested zone Shebaa Farms area. They claimed this was “in solidarity” with the Palestinian people, following a multi-pronged attack by Palestinian terrorists on Israeli towns.

Senior Hezbollah official Hashem Safieddine warned that the attack in Shebas was a “message” to the Israelis and the US to stop this “foolishness” or the whole region will be involved in the war.

“The responsibility obliges all the sons of our nation not to be neutral and we are not neutral,” Safieddine said at an event in Beirut’s southern suburbs according to Naharnet.

“The resistance sent a message this morning in Kfarshouba to say that it is our right to target the enemy that is still occupying our land and the Israelis must read this message well,” he added.

“There is a message to the Americans and Israelis that what happened in Gaza means that your protracted foolishness and underestimation have led you to the Al-Aqsa Flood (Operation), and if you go further today you will witness the flood of the entire nation, not only al-Aqsa,” Safieddine threatened.

He also warned that “the scene of the storming of settlements around Gaza coupled with rocket shelling will one day be repeated dozens-fold stronger, from Lebanon and from all the areas that are adjacent to occupied Palestine.”

(Article by Jim Hᴏft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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