Joy Behar Reminds America She's A Moron With AR-15 Misinformation

It's hard to say which of the covenous crones on The View is the dumbest, but co-host Joy Behar certainly took the cake this week when she told millions of wine moms that AR-15 rifles will obliterate deer, making them inedible.

While discussing last week's mass shooting, in which 40-year-old Army reservist and firearms instructor Robert Card killed 18 people before he was found dead Friday evening of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, Behar and crew floated the idea of an assault weapons ban.

"I would love to see an assault weapons ban. Like President Reagan, I don’t believe they’re a sport or hunting instrument. It’s like shooting fish in a bucket, but that’s my tea," said co-host Sara Haines.

To which Behar responded: "But also, if you shoot with an AR-15, let’s say you shoot a deer, you can’t eat it because you basically demolish the animal."


While 10 states restrict hunting with a .223 or 5.56 round used in an AR-15, mostly because they aren't powerful enough and could wound vs. kill larger game, a 2022 survey from the National Shooting Sports Foundation found that 40% of hunters use Modern Sporting Rifles (mostly consisting of the AR platform).

It should also be noted that the .223 was introduced as an alternative to the .308 (7.62 NATO) due to its ability to be manufactured quickly and inexpensively, and in part because it's less lethal, rendering an enemy incapacitated in battle vs. killing him - thus, placing a further strain on resources.

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