Israel using Hamas FALSE FLAG attack to commence second great genocide – first was the COVID “vaccine” genocide

By the looks of it, based on all the evidence and revelations that have come out since the initial event, the Hamas false flag attack against Israel is exactly what Israel needs and wants in order to commence its second great genocide, this time against the entirety of the roughly 2.3 million Palestinian people currently living in the Gaza Strip.

The first great genocide was Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "vaccines," which were plunged into billions of arms under the guise of fighting a global "pandemic." The second involves the political nation-state known as Israel – this is not true Israel as defined by the Holy Bible, by the way – expanding its occupied territory into the sliver of land along the coastline known as the Gaza Strip.

"Critical thinking is crucial when talking about Israel since the U.S. government, media and the majority of Americans fawn over Zionists like horny 80s teenage boys around any girl who paid attention to them," reports The COVID Blog about the trickery behind the agenda of what is best described as fake Israel (more on that in Revelation 3:9).

"It's already difficult existing in a country where two cults (MAGA and LGBTV) control more than 80% of the population. But both cults worship the same Zionist god, rendering truth an entity with no homeland."

Fake Israel is an empire of lies that controls Western governments, media, finance

It turns out that fake Israel is an occupying force that while it is still fulfilling scripture prophetically, is not the true chosen people of God. After all, the place openly and proudly admits to being a safe haven for Zionist pedophiles and sexual predators who need to "escape criminal prosecution in the U.S. or elsewhere."

"And we must put off the Talmudic Rabbinic tradition of metzitzah b'peh – when infant boys get their penises sliced with razors, and a male religious leader orally sucks the blood off," The COVID Blog further explains in graphic detail about what goes on in the dark underbelly of fake Israel.

"It is what it is – bloody baby [perversion] in the name of their god."

With that out of the way, it cannot go unnoticed that both major political parties in the United States, as well as pretty much all major media outlets, "support Israel" to the extent that none of them would dare ever share these truths publicly – because to do so, they claim, is "antisemitic."

That label serves as cover – because who wants to be called an antisemite? – to shut people up who correctly point out these and other ugly truths about the occupying regime over there that keeps Palestinians locked in the open-air concentration camp known as Gaza, which is barred from receiving any kind of aid because fake Israel has blocked off the entire territory with a massive wall.

"The point is that if Palestinians in Gaza want Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), it must be smuggled in from Egypt via underground tunnels because Israel blocks off the entire perimeter; and Palestinians have zero freedom of movement," The COVID Blog explains.

"Thus it's interesting how Palestinians ('Hamas,' or is it 'Hezbollah') allegedly and somehow got military-grade weapons into Gaza to allegedly attack Israel when they cannot even get a 3-piece meal with mashed potatoes into Gaza."

Whether it is CNN or Fox News, all major media outlets are systematically ignoring these glaring facts as they publish hilariously fake propaganda videos like the ones shown here.

Do not be deceived. 

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from )

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