Former cop, detective reveals that HALF of all SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) cases occur within 48 hours after babies get VACCINATED

Investigator Steve Kirsch recently interviewed a former police officer and detective named Jennifer who told him that more than half of all the SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) cases she handled while working law enforcement in a major U.S. city occurred in babies who had just been vaccinated within 48 hours of their untimely and sudden deaths.

Jennifer revealed to Kirsch that she worked more than 250 SIDS cases while on the force – Kirsch says he was able to privately and independently verify Jennifer's employment within the department she claims, though for her own protection she is only sharing her first name with the public.

According to Jennifer's records, about 50 percent of the SIDS cases she handled occurred in babies who had been vaccinated within two days prior, while 70 percent occurred in babies who got the government's chemical shot schedule within the previous week.

"This can only mean one thing: that the childhood vaccines are the leading cause of SIDS deaths," Kirsch writes. "There is no other explanation."

"Even her pediatrician acknowledged this, but they aren’t allowed to talk about it. She said that the American Academy of Pediatrics trains the pediatricians in how to gaslight parents who seek to blame the vaccine."

Be sure to watch below the roughly 15-minute interview that Kirsch conducted with Jennifer:

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Parents: Save your children from possible SUDDEN DEATH by keeping them unvaccinated for life

According to Kirsch, this is the first time these types of verifiable statistics have ever been made public, citing independent research he says he conducted by looking through police records.

"Also, I am working with the police department to make these statistics public directly from the police department itself (I cannot compel the production of these records because the FOIA laws in the state exempt these records)," Kirsch further says about the matter.

Based on the length of Jennifer's tenure at the department, she saw between three and four SIDS cases every month. This means that every month, she learned that at least two, and more like three, out of every four babies that dies from SIDS was recently jabbed with the childhood vaccine schedule.

"Assuming kids are vaccinated every month (which is the most conservative assumption), the chance of this happening by chance is 1.23e-64," Kirsch notes. "This means the cases were caused by the vaccine since there is no other viable hypothesis that can explain the evidence."

While Kirsch says he understands why the police department in question cannot fulfill his FOIA request as he requested it, he says he is still going to try to push for it since official police policy is to "leave no stone unturned," according to Jennifer.

"Standard police policy was to ask about ANY pharmaceuticals," Jennifer wrote in a correspondence to Kirsch about the matter.

"So while no detective is given a script per se, they are trained on ANY death investigation, of any age, to ask about pharmaceuticals so I guess you'd say unwritten policy only because the official training is 'leave no stone unturned.'"

It would seem, though, that part of that unofficial policy is to overlook cases in which a person took pharmaceutical drugs "legally," such as in the case of a parent getting his child vaccinated in accordance with government guidelines.

"It will take decades for the medical community to acknowledge this," Kirsch says about the reality that SIDS is primarily caused by childhood vaccines. 

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