Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Says He Will Not Serve as Trump’s Vice President – Donald Trump Jr. Responds (VIDEO)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made it clear where he stands in the 2024 presidential race. On this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” DeSantis was asked whether he would consider joining a Donald Trump ticket as vice president if Donald Trump asked him.

His answer was unequivocal: “No, I’m running for president.”

The question posed by host Maria Bartiromo emerged from recent comments by Trump concerning the potential candidates for his 2024 Republican vice president candidate.

Speaking in Detroit on Wednesday, the former president said, “They’re all job candidates. They’ll do anything, secretary of something. They even say VP. I don’t know. Does anybody see any VP in the group? I don’t think so.”

In response to Trump’s comments about the pool of vice-presidential candidates, DeSantis definitively ruled out any possibility of serving as vice president. He then made a rather audacious claim—essentially asserting that Trump “lost” Arizona and Georgia—while conspicuously sidestepping the issue of voting fraud in Maricopa and Fulton counties that many in the party believe significantly impacted the 2020 election results.

Moreover, DeSantis insinuated that former Republican candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney were in some ways superior to Donald Trump, noting that they had been able to win these states in previous elections.

“We need somebody that can serve two terms. We need somebody that can win states like Georgia and Arizona, which President Trump cannot do or did not do, even though candidates like McCain and Romney had no problem winning those states.”

“We need somebody who, and I’m the only one running including Donald Trump, everything I’ve promised the voters that I would do as governor of Florida, I’ve delivered on,” said DeSantis.

He added, “We delivered budget surpluses, paying down debt, tax cut, school choice, parents’ rights, banning sanctuary cities, expanding Second Amendment rights. All and all down the line I promised and I deliver. And that’s really what we need, because the country is in decline.”

This bold assertion did not go unnoticed by the Trump family. Donald Trump Jr. responded almost immediately with a terse, “You won’t be asked.”


(Article by Jim Hᴏft republished from TheGatewayPundit.com/)

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