‘Every Hamas Operative Will Die’: ‘Old Testament’ Justice in Israel

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Guest by post by Bob Unruh 

‘We will crush them and get rid of them’

Harsh justice Old Testament-style is apparently in the near future for Islamic terrorists in the Mideast.

That’s what’s heading toward the Hamas militants who launched a war against Israel last weekend, and have so far been blamed for thousands of deaths, including atrocities unseen for decades, like the beheading of babies.

The Washington Examiner reported U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett, a Republican from Tennessee, “expressed confidence in Israel’s ability to bring ‘Old Testament justice’ against Hamas.”

He cited the U.S. decision to send the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group to the Eastern Mediterranean.

“When they see that aircraft carrier, the largest aircraft carrier in the world off the coast, I think that’s a pretty clear message where America is,” he explained.

Joe Biden directed the group to the Mediterranean and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the U.S. also will provide other equipment and resources. There’s also the suggestion that American special ops forces might help in the retrieval of hostages taken by Hamas.

“So in Israel, the last thing they want is America sticking their nose in the middle of this thing,” Burchett said. “They’re gonna handle it and there’s gonna be Old Testament justice pretty quick.”

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday said that “Every Hamas operative will die. Hamas is ISIS. We will crush them and get rid of them, just as the world crushed and got rid of ISIS.”

So far, there have been 22 Americans identified as victims of Hamas. Others are missing. The total death toll already is in the thousands.

It was reported earlier that Hamas tore through the Israeli countryside, gunning down whole families in their beds, slaughtering anyone in their path, including babies – dead by beheading. Hamas also burned families alive.

One kibbutz was spared when a security officer, hearing approaching explosions, rallied others from the community, handed out rifles and set up sniper positions, picking off 25 Hamas terrorists before the rest fled.

The Daily Mail said Hamas still was pursuing death and destruction for the most innocent, with a rocket blast on Wednesday that hit the children’s wing of a hospital.

Netanyahu also released horrifying images of Hamas’ depraved attack: “a blood-soaked child’s bed.”

The report confirmed, “Shocking footage from the southern city of Ashkelon shows the Barzilai Medical Centre in ruins with the children’s wing taking a direct hit. Pictures also show the remains of a supermarket in the city, surrounded by debris and marked by a large crater.”

Meanwhile, airstrikes by the IDF destroyed entire Palestinian neighborhoods where Hamas interests were located.

Israeli defense officials said Gaza, the home territory for Hamas, soon will be a “tent city.”

Israel also is dispatching infantry units and armored vehicles into Gaza, and has put 300,000 reservists close by to join the mission.

Israeli officials already have been notifying residents close to the border with Gaza to remain in shelters.

Yoav Gallant, Israel’s defense minister, said he has lifted “all restraints” on Israeli troops defending their nation against the Hamas attackers.

“‘Hamas wanted a change and it will get one. What was in Gaza will no longer be,” he said.

He warned, “Whoever comes to decapitate, murder women, Holocaust survivors — we will eliminate him at the height of our power and without compromise.”

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