CHAIN REACTION: 22 DEVASTATING things that will happen if Israel launches full assault against Gaza

Israel's full-scale ground assault against Gaza has reportedly been delayed so that the U.S. military can position additional anti-missile defense systems around the country, according to the WSJ. This is confirmation that the U.S. anticipates a strong kinetic response from Hezbollah and Iran, once Israel's full assault on Gaza gets under way.

At the same time, NSC spokesman John Kirby -- the same one who still insists the US Navy didn't sabotage the Nordstream pipelines -- admits that "innocent civilians" are going to be killed as the U.S. and Israel wage war against Gaza. "This is war. It is combat. It is bloody. It is ugly, and it's going to be messy. And innocent civilians are going to be hurt going forward," he said in a press briefing today.

Clearly, Israel and the United States intend to wage an all-out war against Gaza, ultimately killed potentially tens of thousands of civilians along the way. The current death toll stands at around 5,800 Palestinians, including 2,400 children. Just yesterday, the death toll increased by 700 in a 24-hour period.

Joe Biden and the media have recently stated that Hamas inflicted “fifteen 9/11s” on Israel during its October 7 terror attacks that took the lives of around 1,400 people. The attribution is based on the number of deaths per capita, compared to 9/11 total deaths vs. the total U.S. population. How many 9/11s, then, have been inflicted on Gaza when considering 5,791 deaths (so far) vs. the 2.3 million Palestinians living there? The answer is over 250.

Israel, in other words, has inflicted 250+ 9/11s on Gaza, and the bombings continue each hour. About 40% of the civilian deaths in Gaza are children. Anyone pointing out Palestinian civilian deaths is instantly labeled an "anti-Semite" because criticism of Israel is not tolerated in today's stilted, anti-truth world where even now, many conservative publications are claiming Palestinian deaths are faked and not really happening at all.

Relief organization accuses Israel of genocide via starvation

The ethnic cleaning being carried out against Gazans is so blatantly obvious -- and such a gross violation of Nuremberg codes -- that Relief organization Oxfam International has just declared Israel to be engaged in "starvation as a weapon of war." From the Oxfam press release:

Starvation is being used as a weapon of war against Gaza civilians, Oxfam said today as it renewed its call for food, water, fuel and other essentials to be allowed to enter.??

The international agency analyzed UN data and found that just 2 percent of food that would have been delivered has entered Gaza since the total siege - which tightened the existing blockade - was imposed on 9 October; following the atrocious attacks by Hamas and the taking of Israeli civilian hostages.

As the escalation of the conflict extends to its 19th day, a staggering 2.2 million people are now in urgent need of food. 

Sally Abi Khalil, Oxfam’s Regional Middle East Director said: “The situation is nothing short of horrific - where is humanity? Millions of civilians are being collectively punished in full view of the world, there can be no justification for using starvation as a weapon of war. World leaders cannot continue to sit back and watch, they have an obligation to act and to act now.? 

“Every day the situation worsens. Children are experiencing severe trauma from the constant bombardment, their drinking water is polluted or rationed and soon families may not be able to feed them too. How much more are Gazans expected to endure?”

22 horrifying things that may happen next

Because of the humanitarian crisis Israel is creating in Gaza by shutting off food, water, electricity and fuel, and because of the rising number of civilian deaths and injuries being widely reported, a full-scale attack on Gaza risks rapid escalation into a regional conflict that will likely involve Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and even Turkey.

The following list reveals 22 things that may follow as "chain reaction" events, if Israel decides to wage a full-force assault on Gaza.

1) IDF will experience devastating losses far beyond their simulated outcomes due to lack of training, poor organizational skills and a “snowflake” upbringing rooted in privilege and convenience.

- Israeli soldiers will encounter the dead women and children for the first time, and many will come to realize their own government lied to them.

2) US military bases will be attacked and destroyed across the Middle East. Many US soldiers and civilians will be killed. Other nations will see the US a weak and unable to defend its occupation military bases.

3) Hezbollah and other groups from Jordan, Syria and Iran will join the fight against Israel. The USA and Israel vastly underestimate the strength and military capabilities of the Arab nations, mistakenly thinking it's still 1967.

4) Energy prices around the world will skyrocket as energy exports are disrupted or embargoed, affecting oil and LNG. This will also impact oil derivatives such as plastics and resins.

5) Russia will reap a huge influx of energy revenues from rising global energy prices. Effectively, the Middle East conflict will PAY for Russia's entire war with Ukraine through increased energy revenues for Russian exports.

6) Muslim extremist groups will target Christian and Jewish centers in North America and around the world. We will witness a sharp increase in stabbings, shootings and bombings across both Europe and North America.

7) The USA will double down on money printing to try to fund a three-front war (Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan), ultimately printing trillions of dollars in fiat currency, with no matching industrial capabilities to actually manufacture the munitions and weapons needed for global warfare. Ultimately, the USA will fail to win a single one of these wars, and this will be the last chapter of the Roman Empire, stretched to a breaking point through its military campaigns, money printing and political corruption.

8) US treasury yields will skyrocket even further as world nations witness the USA's money printing madness. More nations will dump US Treasuries and actively seek out BRICS-organized international settlements in non-dollar currencies such as the Yuan, Rupee, Real or Ruble.

9) Across the USA and Western Europe, a sharp acceleration of inflation will ripple through the system as energy prices double, then triple. Expect to see shocking increases in the cost of food, consumer goods, energy and medical care. This will be the final breaking point for many Americans. Millions will find themselves homeless and destitute. Food banks will be overrun.

10) The Fed will raise interest rates to try to combat inflation, collapsing the balance sheets of yet more retail banks because they continue to hold near-zero yield treasuries that have now lost nearly 50% of their value. Expect a catastrophic wave of bank collapses combined with a jaw-dropping bailout effort by the Fed, printing trillions of dollars to rescue a few globalist-linked banks while letting most retail banks collapse and fail.

11) If Hezbollah, Syria, Turkey or Iran enter the war, Israel will be the first to launch nuclear attacks, most likely in the form of low-yield nuclear artillery rounds. Israel is driven by emotional rage and zionist fanaticism that will cause it to dismiss all guidance rooted in wisdom or proportionality. Israel's first nuclear artillery rounds will likely target either Hezbollah troops in Lebanon or Palestinian and Iranian militia groups in Syria. (Damascus?)

12) Once the first nuclear weapon is used, all bets are off: Iran, Russia or even Turkey likely retaliate with nuclear weapons of their own: Hypersonic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles or underwater weapons drones. Expect US naval assets to be hit with nuclear weapons from above (hypersonics) and below (underwater nuclear drones). The US likely loses one or more of its aircraft carriers, further cementing the worldview that the US is no longer capable of projecting power like it once was. Both the USS Eisenhower and the USS Ford are “sitting ducks,” and it's almost as if Obama ordered Biden to throw them into the fray in order to see them destroyed on purpose. The day after this happens, oil will “limit up” and so will gold.

13) Most Americans will see their savings, pensions and investments utterly wiped out. The stock market will plunge 70% from its highs, and the accelerating destruction of assets will bleed into derivatives markets which will unleash a multi-quadrillion dollar “financial apocalypse” that will break the entire western financial system, rendering it into full “zombie” status.

14) Global supply chains collapse on news that the US navy is being decimated in the Middle East. The Suez Canal is closed. Oil hits $300 / barrel, gold hits $5000 / oz, with silver surpassing $100 and rising.

15) Energy shortages hit the USA: Gas stations begin rationing fuel. Transportation is wrecked by lack of affordable fuel, impacting consumer goods, agriculture and the travel industry. The airline industry and package carriers (Fedex, UPS) face imminent bankruptcy and demand bailouts (more money printing). Hundred of domestic trucking companies go belly up, and barge traffic is brought to a near-halt.

16) US cities erupt into chaos. Lawless masses loot retail establishments and burn entire city blocks to the ground. First responders abandon their duties and designate entire sections of major cities as “no enforcement” zones. Governors call out national guard troops to try to contain the violence, but with no ability to engage looters with kinetic force, the efforts fail. What begins as looting rapidly transforms into “warlord” territory operations as Ed Dowd previously warned. City governments and police lose control. Warlords rule the cities and run weapons, drug and human trafficking operations while gaining power and profit while governments collapse.

17) Elections are cancelled. The Biden regime declares a national emergency and attempts total censorship of the internet, combined with nationwide gun confiscation and the outlawing of ammunition in the hands of civilians. Just like we saw in Ukraine, Biden attempts to outlaw all dissenting media and political parties, transforming America into a one-party dictatorship.

18) US states begin to make noises about secession. Battles rage between federal officials and state law enforcement. Red states begin to push serious plans for declaring their independence and launching their own currencies.

19) Middle East terrorism groups are activated inside the USA, possibly with the help of CCP-linked narco cartel groups. They hit infrastructure targets, taking down comms, refineries, bridges, police stations, water treatment facilities, sea ports and power grid substations. The American people are plunged into darkness, chaos, financial collapse and starvation.

20) The Federal Reserve prints a trillion dollars a week to buy the Treasury debt that no one else wants, kicking off a hyperinflationary spiral of doom that ultimately ends in a total default of the US dollar, US Treasury debt obligations, US government pensions and entitlements, including social security, medicare and disability payments.

21) The US federal government collapses. Embassies close worldwide. Military bases are abandoned and any military personnel left behind are slaughtered. Naval vessels at sea are left with no flag to represent them. The dollar is worthless. Global debt force majeure commences. A mad scramble begins for control over US nuclear missile silos and other military assets.

22) After a period of chaos, the world pursues rebuilding and TRADE, without the bully US empire causing chaos, terrorism and wars all across the planet.

Hear my full analysis of these 22 points here:

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