Brighteon Broadcast News, Oct 18, 2023 - Horrific BOMBING of HOSPITAL in Gaza sets entire Arab world against Israel

0:00 Horrific BOMBING of HOSPITAL in Gaza

1:23:06 Interview with Dean Henderson

- Horrifying bombing of Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza kills 500+ Palestinians, mostly children

- Israeli digital spokesperson tweets out Israel taking responsibility for the bombing, then DELETES

- Israel claims the bomb was actually an errant Jihadi rocket that went off course

- #Israel unites the ENTIRE #Arab world in declaring Israel to be their enemy

- Governments CONDEMN ISRAEL for the bombing: Iran, France, Syria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar

- The UN and WHO both condemn Israel for bombing the hospital

- Massive protests target US and Israeli embassies across the Middle East

- US military bases on high alert, expecting attacks

- US State Dept. issues Level 4 travel advisory for Lebanon, says it cannot protect Americans

- Iran raises black flag of WAR above key historic mosque, indicating a holy war with the west

- Netanyahu calls Palestinian children the "children of darkness," seeming to justify their killing

- Numerous top Israel officials and military leaders all call for #genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

- Israel bombs and kills Reuters journalist

- China supplies humanitarian aid while Israel REFUSES to do so.


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